The Great Wall seems action packed yet dull

I can’t. I want to because the subject matter sounds pretty interesting but man alive am I getting some bad “Gods of Egypt” vibe from this trailer. I really want to like it because I like the fact that this movie is using an actual Asian cast for an Asian set film but this is painful. Instead I’ll just spitball some stray observations:

  • Game of Thrones + Netflix’s Marco Polo = The Great Wall
  • Damon has this look on his face like he’d rather be anywhere else in the world.
  • Willem Defoe who seems to be practicing the “Morgan Freeman Phone-in” performance for this movie.
  • Pedro Pascal looks like he’s giving some effort! Why didn’t someone tell him that this wasn’t that kind of movie?
  • Where’s Henry Cavill? I see his name in the credits. Lord knows this movie could use a couple more white guys.
  • Drogon,¬†Rhaegal, and¬†Viserion made it to the wall! Why are all of the Nights Watch Asian?
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