AT&T Buys Time Warner – Owns The World

AT&T Buys Time Warner - Owns The World

So yeah, it seems like that beef between Verizon and AT&T has ended as AT&T is about to own Warner Brothers, CNN, and HBO, all for a little over 85 billion dollars.

Not only is this the most insane and un-predictable thing you would ever expect from a network company, but this could have certain implications over whether the deal will effect Warner Bros movies or not.

While obviously the product placements will be off of the charts with the Justice League using AT&T technology (joking. . .kind of), this expanded amount of income may positively impact things like DC comics, or other Time Warner stuff we love.

Since I don’t know shit about business conglomerates and this is really a movie site, I will end this post by stating that the deal isn’t supposed to go through until the end of 2017, when AT&T owns the world.

For more on how this deal could possibly affect the entertainment we all enjoy (basically all Warner Bros stuff), visit WSJ.

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