VIDEO: Every Time Samuel L. Jackson Said Motherf*cker Compilation

Samuel L. Jackson is known, for well. . . being Samuel motherf*cking Jackson. The legend himself has been in nearly every single movie since the late 70’s , and since he has been in hundreds of movies, he has probably said the word “motherfucker” thousands of times .

Whether it is Snakes On A Plane ( a ridiculous title Samuel L. Jackson chose himself ) or a classic like Pulp Fiction, you can’t see a Samuel L. Jackson movie without the star using the phrase “motherfucker” a few different times.

Here is a post from Huff Post Entertainment compiling a list of all Samuel L. Jackson “motherfucker” moments ( if you are by kids you may want to put headphones in ).

Did you make it through the whole thing without feeling like you just said “motherfucker” 1000 times yourself ? if so congratulations you’re a winner. Samuel L Jackson is proud of you and I am too. Also please tell us your favorite Samuel L. Jackson , “motherfucker” moment ( warning it may be hard, because there are thousands to choose from ).

Choose wisely :)

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