Spider-Man Homecoming leaked Comic Con Trailer

This footage looks pretty bootleg so it must be real. The footage allegedly showcases some comic-con footage for the upcoming Spider-Man homecoming. This is the first I’m coming across any footage for the movie so I decided to share just in case you were hiding under the rock next to me.


Doesn’t show much. AT ALL. This is beyond teaser, this is snippet size. I can’t even offer a proper opinion on much except for that ending that shows…









S P O I L E R         W A R N I N G!


Holy fuck, is that VENOM!?

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2 thoughts on “Spider-Man Homecoming leaked Comic Con Trailer

  1. A lot of these shots are from Marvel Knights: Spider-Man, a fan-series. JJJ, the ‘Doc Ock Dead’ headline, and venom/carnage at the end. It’s fake.

  2. This is so fake I can smell the fakeness seeping out.

    First off, the shots of Tom Holland were from his previous films (Before Captain America: Civil War) secondly the backpack Tom had on his back in the above video was brown, in the released set-photo’s (that were legit) Spider-Man (Tom Holland) was wearing a RED backpack. Moving forward I think the one used as J. Jonah Jameson is off, as a FEMALE lead was supposed to be the civil outcry against Spider-Man in place of Jameson. Also, NOT ONE member of the extended cast was depicted, and also, it was reported by (actual people who look up the info) such as Nerdist, Collider, and SourceFedNerd that the end of the Comic Con trailer showed a full face masked version of Vulture (played by Michael Keaton). This is a FAKE trailer and even by fake standards is still VERY bad!!!

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