How NOT to make a movie trailer: A Flying Jatt

It’s been a while since we last discussed a Bollywood film and thankfully we have one that’s right up my alley: a superhero film. This Flying Jatt is Bollywood’s attempt to capture the worlds interest with the heroes but something a bit more local to Asia. I’m not familiar with the film star, Tiger Shroff, but he seems serviceable and kinda reminds me of Stephen Chow. Check it out:

Not too bad except… I just saw the whole move. Like… ALL OF IT! I don’t even understand the language but, based off of my experiences with comic book movies, I’m pretty sure I got the gist of the whole thing. Even that little dancing bit is all but familiar. They even gave us a glimpse into the transition and progress of our main characters growth into a hero and him overcoming a villain that initially was giving our hero trouble.

I have no idea how films are promoted in Asia but this right here is a no-no in the US. I’m 100% satisfied with what I’ve already seen. Thank you Bollywood, hope you guys keep up the good work with your trailers as it saves me the trouble of tracking this down and watching.

[Tiger Shroff Facebook]



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