I’m TRYING to be interested in these Warcraft posters

I really am trying. This movie was already somewhat doomed in the fact that it was based on a videogame and I’ve spoken at length the quality of movies based on video games several times in the past (they’re bad). It doesn’t help that although World of Warcraft is still popular that it’s already peaked and this movie may be a bit too late, (11 years after release) to fully capitalize on the fascination it once had. Ever since Sam Raimi walked away from this project I lost all interest. Anyhoo, here is our first poster that will surely excite the 5.6 million paid subscribers still with the service.

9+ years after initially announcing the movie we get our first pair of posters.

Here is a pic I snapped back at the New York Comic Con this year showcasing some of the admittedly stunning costume work in play for this movie.


Very Lord of the Ring-esque.

[Universal via Facebook]

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