Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension Official Trailer

Wow! They want people to pay money for this delusion called a movie. The cojones of Blumhouse are massive. To be fair, the first thirty seconds were great, and then my inner movie reviewer informed me that they stole the whole. Communicating with the future from the past through a supernatural means from Insidious 2. After that, the trailer went down hill faster than Obama’s current approval rating. Even if I looked over the terrible C.G.I, and the unbelievable force plot, there are just way too many horror cliches for me to process in this one film. Finding a box of random videos in your new house … check. Having an over use of jump scares … double check. A little child being the focus of the paranormal activities … triple check, and it goes on and on. Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension is what my friends and I call a T.H.F (theater hop film). I am not encouraging others to go out and do it. But, if you pay for it and feel as if you wasted your money. I told you so.


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