The Gallows Teaser

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I have a little story to tell, if you don’t mind. My friend, Alex, came to me and told me I should watch The Gallows teaser trailer. And, that it’s a new horror film, and looks pretty good.

Mo: “You think everything looks good. Let me guess it’s a found footage?”

Alex: “Yes, but it looks real creepy. I bet you get scared.”

Mo: “Look, I don’t know what kind of drugs you have been using lately, but I’m a grown ass man. I don’t get scared.

Alex: “So, prove me wrong.”

Well due to peer pressure, I watched The Gallows teaser. I’m man enough to admit that I got a little scared. The man slowly coming into frame was a nice touch. It created a sense of fear. Which, I haven’t felt since the first Paranormal Activity. Now I’m not saying, I’m going to run out and see it, but it’s definitely on my radar.





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