Jason David Frank talks new Power Rangers movie


JDF and I at Wizard World


I had a chance to sit down and talk to Jason David Frank, the Green/White Power Ranger, a Wizard World convention. We discussed the new Power Rangers movie and getting into a MMA fight with CM Punk among things.


Jim: Obviously being at the convention isn’t your first rodeo, it almost like home to you, what gets you to come out here every year?


JDF: I love Wizard World, they are like a second family to me. I’ve done almost all of their shows last year, all their shows this year, and all their shows next year. Next year I’m going to be exclusive with Wizard World only. I just love the way it’s run, I love the fans and seeing them happy when they leave. I’m a big skydiver, and there is a thing called iFLY right next door (Rosemont,IL) which is indoor skydiving, so I’m itching to go over there. What brings me back is the fans. I can’t get enough of them, people wonder why I have so much energy. I usually do videos and Instagram so they are hardcore. I feed of their energy.


Jim: You made your fame with the Power Rangers, what about that show that resonates till this day?


JDF: I think it’s great. I’m going to be on the new Super Megaforce. I went back to the show to just do an appearance there. Lionsgate is rebooting the movie. Everything is happening, but the good thing is that I was always there and never disappeared. I never just came out of the woodwork when all this stuff blew up. It’s exciting to see the brand grow. I’m big time about trying to keep things PG-13, because I know you all are grown up, but I have a huge kid following also. 


Jim: That’s where the hardcore fanbase arises from. 


JDF: Even if you are older there are just some things you don’t say or do. It does tamper the image of what you guys grew up with to who you see now, so I try to install the superhero beliefs the whole entire time. 


Jim: What do you think about the new reboot of the Power Rangers?


JDF: I like it. I’m working with Sabon right now doing the Green Ranger web series which is going to be huge. We did a Green Ranger beat down versus Ryu. The White Ranger versus Scorpion got 5 million views. People are reaching out to us now, we are doing another web series which is special ops series, and I’m filming a reality series called That’s My Morphin Life. I’m super busy this year, I have 35-40 shows. 


Jim: You have a strong MMA background, how did that come about for you?


JDF: I’ve been training since I was 4.  I got seven fights and no loses. Best to sum it up was Forrest Griffin’s (UFC fighter) article he said that he loves punching people in the face for fun all out of good sportsmanship. I just love fighting for fun, and competitiveness of martial arts. I love mixed martial arts and karate, I’m doing an online social media class which is the first of its kind. The class is called, and I’ll be able to train everyone around the world in their own home, through the web. I love to train, but I’m more excited when I’m able to reach so many fans that wanna train with me. I have four schools, I’m not able to go everywhere, so this is an outlet I’m excited to train professional fighters and other people who want to learn the secret traits through my website.


Jim: Is this for professional fighters or open to people who want to learn self-defense?


JDF: No, everybody. Anyone from beginners to advanced. We have different levels that you can go into. Even if you are just interested in it, you are able to go in there and see what it’s all about and educate yourself about martial arts before you sign up at a local karate school. This program is to compliment your martial arts training, something on the side to get you involved.


Jim: Speaking of martial arts, there is a guy named C.M. Punk that everyone knows from around here, you issued a challenge to fight him.


JDF: Is he from Chicago?


Jim: He is.


JDF:  Oh, wow.


Jim:  Any thoughts and did you hear back from him?


JDF: I haven’t heard back from C.M. Punk, but he’s a good guy. The challenge was more out of sportsmanship, he started it first by saying that he would fight me in a panel, then that escalated to a would you, and of course I said yes. Then I called my manager and I got a huge deal and I just never heard back from him or any representative.


Jim: Kinda like the WWE who never heard back from him.


JDF: Just gone.


Jim: Thanks Jason.


JDF: Thanks buddy.


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