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The Amazing Spider-Man costume might be better in the sequel. Much much better.


Remember way back when I really criticized the hell out of the costume worn by our Amazing Spider-Man but later learned it could have been worse? I guess I wasn’t the only one who saw room for improvement considering that the rumor of the day is that the costume will undergo some changes when next we see our friendly neighborhood wall-crawler.


…A new report reveals that the Spider-Man suit will be more faithful to the costume featured in the Marvel comic books.

We have no specific details about what the suit will look like, but hardcore fans will likely be pleased with this new superhero costume.


Not sure what direction they’ll take with the costume as there’s quite a few variations on the Spider-Man costume. They may go for the traditional red and blue look  which was the basis of the design in the Raimi trilogy and source of inspiration for the Marc Webb film but how closely they aim to match that costume is still unknown. Maybe he needs a special suit with electricity insulation? Whatever the case I hope they involve someone close to the comics to help out with this stuff. Sony needs a Marc Millar…


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