According to Mark Millar “Days of Future Past” will be X-Men meets Terminator


I never in a million years thought that I would ever see the X-men comic book storyline “Days of Future Past” adapted into a film. The sheer scope of the story is large in scale and would require a fairly ballsy director to even think about approaching the thing. Sentinels ruling the world, Old man Logan still badass, and character development. Lots of character development which is something the more recent films have been lacking. It’s a big endeavor but with comic book scribe Mark Millar now overseeing Fox’s Marvel properties the idea of it working out moved a lot closer into feasibility. Millar recently discussed the film and had some choice words for what he described as “X-Men meets Terminator”.


“Vaughn is going for a big sci-fi style thing with X-Men: Days of Future Past.”

He also teased the plot of the film, calling it “X-Men meets The Terminator”.

“You’ve got robots, you’ve got time travel, you’ve got superheroes – it’s got everything in one film,” he claimed.

He also said that it is “no spoiler on [his] part” to say that the film goes into an apocalyptic future.

“Cost-wise it’s going to go up, and ambitious-wise it’s gone up,” Millar noted. “But Vaughn can handle it. Vaughn made Kick-Ass for $28 million.”


Damn right the cost is going up, you can’t have wolverine take down a Sentinel for cheap. They are gonna have Wolverine, right? cus if Hugh Jackman is missing then they’re pissing all over the potential of this film. Shit, if all goes well maybe we can get that Age of Apocalypse that I’ve been dreaming about since the 90’s.


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One thought on “According to Mark Millar “Days of Future Past” will be X-Men meets Terminator

  1. It should have Wolverine, but I get the feeling it wont.  Maybe a little cameo like in first class but he wont be a central character, at least I wouldnt get my hopes up.  So who takes his place?  Xavier? Magneto? Someone else?  In the cartoon it was that dude Bishop who came back, and the old Wolverine was in the future, so you could replace him with someone else and tell the same story I think…

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