Introducing your next Joker, Michael Emerson


Michael Emerson, yes Linus, has just been added as one of the voices for the upcoming Frank Miller adaptation for “The Dark Knight Returns” which will be a 2 part DC Animated movie release with Emerson’s character being the focus in the 2nd half. Emerson joins a revered list of names that have portrayed the character on screen and seems pretty excited about the casting.


“He’s one of those great villains that an actor like me likes to play because he has layers — he has a face for the world and a face for himself,” Emerson said. He is, in a way, a villain who is a natural actor. All of that is that is delightful and confounding at the same time. It’s freeing because of the largeness of it. When he laughs, there’s nothing subdued about it. When he screams in rage, there’s nothing controlled about it. The amp is turned to 11 at all times.”


I like that he respects the source material but I have to admit that I’m having a hard time picturing his voice with the clown prince of crime. He’s not the least bit scary sounding! He sounds like someone with a pocket protector but if he can convince me that he’ll shove a pencil in my eye when I’m not paying attention then I’ll gladly eat my words. Mark this one as a “strange, but interesting” casting choice…


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