Sorta new Trailer: The Hobbit



This trailer played in front of Pixar’s “Brave” and has a few new glimpses into what Peter Jackson has planned for the trilogy of films. Yeah, that’s happening. Three of em. Anyhoo this trailer has been uploaded to the itnernetz for all of us to share in all things Hobbit and Dwarf like and… really do I need to continue?




Amazing. Every time watch either trailer for this film that’s the only word that comes to mind. There’s not a lot shown in either trailer it’s just that if you are a fan of the Lord of the Rings trilogy than you can identify each morsel shown as a potentially awe-inspiring scene in the film. That’s a lot of hype to put behind one film but then you have to remember just how good that LoTR trilogy actually was. We’ll see how this turns out and I’ll keep you guys posted when I come across any more cool stuff from the film. If you are interested in more behind the scenes kinda stuff I have a habit of posting that on our Facebook page.


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