SDCC Aftermath: Poster for ‘The Last Stand’

The San Diego Comic-Con is a huge event. No, mega-huge. No-Ginor.. you know what, it’s just big. Real Big. Anyway the event is soo big that it’s not uncommon for news and images revealed at the event to take days if not weeks to make its way online as journalists comb through their notes and review their recordings from the event. One such tragic oversight is this odd yet cool poster for Governator’s first post-governating starring role “The Last Stand”. The issue is being resolved now and we have the poster here for your ocular ingestion:



Looks Mondo-ish. Not sure if this one will pop up in a theater near you but it is kinda cool to look at a few times. Let’s see how the rest of this marketing campaign goes with this film…


Via: First Showing



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