Peter Stormare joins the Last Stand

Peter Stormare is no stranger to playing a bad guy. In fact he plays a creepy/weird bad guy in a lot of films and he gets to use his experience and talent opposite the Governator in The Last Stand.

Source: JoBlo

Peter Stormare will play the head of an eight-man enforcer team sent to dispatch Arnold and crew from a small town (Arnie is the sheriff and doesn’t plan to take any of their guff)…
…he’ll be in good company alongside actors like Richard Tyson, James Earl Jones, Charles Dance, Michael Ironside and, sure, Richard Dawson.

This movie just got a LOT more of my interest. Sure, having Governator return to film was enough to earn a spot on the radar and maintain my mission to cover and share news about the movie until it’s release, but this casting news just elevated it a bit higher than it was. I’m a big fan of Storemare and I’m pretty confident he’ll deliver a performance that will cement him as one of the best Arnie baddies. Now, wtf is James Earl Jones doing in this movie…

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2 thoughts on “Peter Stormare joins the Last Stand

  1. I understood from the quote that Stormare was going to fit right in in classic Arnie bad guys, Richard Dawson played the bad guy in The Running Man, James Earl Jones played the snake guy from Conan The Barbarian, etc… Am I wrong?

  2. This has a lot of my interest because Ji Woon Kim is directing. Have you seen this guy’s films?! A Bittersweet Life, I Saw the Devil, and The good the bad and the weird are incredible films.

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