Ron Howard will direct 364

Super powers for only 1 day a year? How do you spend that 1 day? A villain? a Hero? That’s the part of the premise for the film project that we just learned that Ron Howard will add to his queue of films to create.

Source: Deadline

Universal Pictures has gotten back in business with its Safe House scribe David Guggenheim. The studio has preemptively acquired 364, a drama that will be produced by Imagine Entertainment. Ron Howard is attached to direct. The title refers to the number of days in a year that a normal guy spends each year figuring out the heroic deeds he will perform on the one day each year that he has super powers. Brian Grazer will produce and Erica Huggins will be executive producer.

Sounds really interesting. I am curious to find out what Howard would be able to create with something like this. I can imagine a lot of scenarios with how this could be really good or outright disappoint. I’m looking forward to finding out what it will end up on the screen when it’s all said and done as it’s been far too long since I’ve been able to enjoy a good Ron Howard movie, let alone one with some imagination to it.

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