Juan Carlo Fresnadillo WILL direct the Highlander

Not everyone may be familiar with the name but most of us are familiar with his work. Juan directed the film 28 Weeks later which was a bit of a hit way back in 2007. Juan has been chosen to direct and oversee the return of the Highlander franchise to the silver screen.

Source: Latino Review

Despite having the blood of kings in its veins, no one has managed to get the “Highlander” remake off the ground. It seemed to be getting closer when it finally nabbed a director in Justin Lin, but then he dropped out, and it was back to aimlessly sword-swinging. But today, it may finally have taken another step towards immortality as Juan Carlos Fresnadillo has hopped into the director’s chair.

Sounds interesting enough and an interesting point raised in the original article is that Juan has recently been attached to overseeing the reboot of the Crow. A bit too much? Will he be “that guy” from now on?

Frankly, I don’t care what movies he makes as long as they’re good and enjoyable movies. I’m looking forward to seeing this franchise return to theaters and all the former actors of the franchise inevitably voicing their opinion about their hopes of inclusion and eventual disappointment regarding their absence in production, etc, etc.

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