Ash will NOT be in Evil Dead remake

Something completely unexpected is planned. Some of us cannot divorce Ash from the Evil Dead franchise but that’s exactly what the good folks behind the film have in mind. Seriously, Bruce Campbell himself revealed via his twitter the direction that the film is taking.

Source: Forces of Geek

In what may come as a shock, Bruce Campbell told the world, through Twitter, that there would be no Ash character in the upcoming remake of Evil Dead…
According to various reports, as well as his Twitter feed, Bruce Campbell will have a cameo, the entire cast of the remake would be different than the original movies.
While Ash is the face of The Evil Dead, the new script, written by Fede Alvarez and rewritten by Diablo Cody, is a “re-telling” according to Campbell’s tweets. He says “all bets are off & all involved love the new approach.”

Blasphemous. Nah, not really. It’s not supposed to be a frame by frame remake of the original, or necessarily even follow the exact events of the first movie otherwise what would be the point? I prefer that if someone is going to “re-imagine” or use elements of an existing movie for a new movie that they take some liberties to really differentiate it from the source material. I know, now I’m blasphemous. But really, would anyone really want a retelling of the exact story they already watched? For money? Seriously?! Not me. I just hope that whatever direction and form this movie takes that it will be an enjoyable experience and worth my increasingly expensive foray to the theater.

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7 thoughts on “Ash will NOT be in Evil Dead remake

  1. I think this new remake of eveil dead will be horrible… if you are gonna take out the main character of the movie then u arent making a remake… u are changing the movie entirely so it should be titled differently. Bruce Campbell as ASH is the reason this movie is a cult hit… i will personally not be seeing this movie because it IS NOT a remake.

  2. I am not sure what an Evil Dead movie would be without Ash. If you want to recast the role that is ok but to just remove the character? I guess they are thinking that if they can’t have Bruce Campbell then they may as well not anger Evil Dead buffs by doing a poor job replacing him.

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