Tyrese thinks Bay and LeBouf will return to Transformers

Tyrese Gibson is riding high on his accomplishments this year. No, really the guy is sitting on the other side of 1.1 Billion in the box office in the 2 films he’s been a part of this year and thinks that after a little R&R both Shia LeBouf and Michael Bay will wanna return for some more disguised robot goodness.

Source: MovieWeb

“My humble prediction would be that… we’re at $1.1 billion. This is the biggest year of my life. I’m on the other side of $1.7 billion in box office receipts, between both films. I think, with the success of Transformers: Dark of the Moon, both Michael Bay and Shia probably want a break from the franchise, but there’s no way, I believe, that, at some point, they’re not going come back to do Transfomers 4. Maybe they need a few years to get a few other creative things out of their system, which is understandable, but for people to love this franchise around the world like they do, it’s damn-near crazy to not give the fans what they love and enjoy again. So maybe two years, maybe three years will go by, you never know, but I believe, and hope, that we are able to do another Transformers. I’m a real Transformers fan, outside of the fact that I’m in the movie, but I just hope we’re able to do it again one day. It’s the first film in Paramount’s 99-year history that has ever grossed $1 billion. I hope we’re able to figure this out.”

Dude makes a lot of sense. There are 1.1 billion reasons why Paramount will want to, and probably will, continue this film franchise and I wouldn’t be surprised if someone in the upper offices thinks it would be worth the effort to get both LeBouf and Bay back in their respective roles.

Internet fans criticize the hell out of these Transformers movies, and while I don’t agree with all of the criticism, none of that matters. Even after critically being ripped apart, each film in the franchise managed to get most of those people to watch a follow up. And enjoy themselves enough to see or want another entry.

Will there be another Transformers movie? More than likely. Are Bay and LeBouf “done” with the franchise for goo? We’ll see…

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4 thoughts on “Tyrese thinks Bay and LeBouf will return to Transformers

  1. I believe in what Tyrese’s statements that Michael Bay and Shia Lebeaouf , as well as the rest of the cast (notably Josh Duhamel, Rosie Whiteley and Tyrese himself) will be back for the next Transformers sequel. “Dark of the Moon” made 1.1 billion, which says that people want more Transformers movies.

    I think it’s a matter of finding another good story for part 4 and adding new characters (Unicron? Dinobots? Galvatron? Triple Changers? Ultra Magnus? Nemesis Prime?) . But I am very sure the bar for the next Transformers movie will be set way higher than “Dark of the Moon” – story and visual effects-wise.

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