Joaquin Phoenix is BACK (and so is Writer-Director James Gray)

One of my favorite rising directors, James Gray (We Own The Night, Two Lovers) is prepping his next film, Low-Life. Marion Cotillard has already signed on, and Jeremy Renner is also being lured with a supporting role. But Gray has also apparently convinced Joaquin Phoenix – who starred in most of Gray’s films thus far- to come out of semi- hibernation as well.

From the fine folks over at Screen Junkies :

The story follows Cotillard as a woman attempting to immigrate to America from Poland. While in transit, her sister falls ill and she is forced to trade sex for medicine. Damaged from the experience, she’s preyed upon by Phoenix’s charming sleazebag character once she arrives in America.

Renner’s possible role is that of a magician who becomes Cotillard’s love interest. I don’t know if Renner will take it- he’s pretty much booked up for the next hundred years…but there’s other reasons why I’m thrilled over the news. One of which is that it’s director James Gray (and hopefully he’ll bring his DOP Joaquin Baca-Asay with him -love the camerwork in We Own The Night and Two Lovers) but also it could make something of a comeback for Pheonix. My only hope is that the film does not go the route of Two Lovers – VOD before the limited theatrical release where little to no promotion is done on the film *because* of VOD (I’m a HUGE critic of the process, specifically Magnolia Films).

In any case, welcome back, both of you.
Are you happy that Gray is back behind the camera?
Phoenix Rising From The Ashes?

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