Viggo Mortensen will NOT be General Zod

Looks like Superman is taking its first casualty. While Viggo Mortensen was lined up to play Snyder’s version of General Zod, it seems he has backed out of that arrangement because of filming schedules.

Moviefone says:

They’re still in the midst of heavy pre-production, and they hope to get the cameras rolling by late summer. Viggo Mortensen, who had been tapped to play the villainous General Zod, will not be combating the Man of Steel because he’ll be too busy romancing Kristen Stewart in ‘Snow White and the Huntsman’.

Now that is a shame. I was really looking forward to seeing Viggo in this role giving it a fresh feel.

The problem with re-introducing Zod is that the character is SO popculture in the Superman fandom that you either are just copying the Superman II performance or you have to go an entirely different way.

I vote for different.

Who could you see as Zod knowing Snyder isn’t doing Terence Stamp’s Zod. However I still hope there is a “Kneel before Zod” moment, just for geeky giggles.

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15 thoughts on “Viggo Mortensen will NOT be General Zod

      1. I didn’t really dig his last 2 efforts. (one hit wonder?)
        instant mental typecasting for me I guess. He even sounded Scottish in a viking role.
        and dont get me started w/ Bounty hunter and it’s unfunny lifeless self.

  1. Liam Neeson would definitely make a great Zod, but since he was also Ras Al Ghul they may try to avoid using the actor.

    I can’t imagine filling the Zod role to be too difficult. Just get a middle-aged guy in good physical shape. British accent optional.

    1. seriously though this Blows chunks.
      I still stand by my belief that the Zod from the picture above is a dead ringer (taller) for Hector Elizondo!

      Viva Zod!

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