Captain America Movie Poster

Yet more Captain America news for those who have not had their fill of seeing a still Captain America, with today’s helping being the first movie poster for the film.

Via Aint it Cool

It’s an OK poster, but doesn’t seem to be anything spectacular to me. I’m sure it will catch the attention of children and nerds, (like me), alike when displayed at your local theater who may still be under a rock about this movie but it’s not a poster I need hanging on my wall.

On another note, I’m starting to wonder what the heck is going on over there with these guys. Don’t get me wrong, I’m very happy to hear news and see images from the Captain America movie but this stuff is starting to overshadow the fact that the Thor movie will be out sooner than Captain America!

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13 thoughts on “Captain America Movie Poster

  1. yea, im wondering about the shield. but maybe it won’t look this way in the actual movie. It just fits the poster and doesn’t make people question the poster if they see a perfectly unaffected shield in it.

    Hopefully in the movie they will say the shield is indestructible.

    1. I’m don’t know alot of Captain America’s history, but would he have had the indestructible shield only in present day or would he have it back then?

      1. He had it in WWII and it was indestructible. The kite shield wasn’t but this iteration was. I think the metal alloy is indestructible but the paint covering it isn’t. Like any other military issued piece of equipment, Cap has to routinely replace the paint and shine the shield. This isn’t shown in the comics but makes sense for the movie.

  2. Awesome, already got it as my wallpaper on laptop. Love this image, can’t wait for the 30 sec trailer. I have have higher hopes for this than I do for Thor. For some reason, Thor just looks cheesy. Not Green Latern bad cheesy but not far behind.

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