No Lois Lane?

Now this is a bit shocking. The good folks at Variety managed to get the inside scoop that the 3 women being considered for the lead female role in the upcoming Superman reboot are Alice Eve, Diane Kruger and Rosamund Pike but they’re not going to play Lois. Apparently, Lois won’t be a part in this movie at all.


Alice Eve, Diane Kruger and Rosamund Pike are the three thesps being considered for the role, whose identity hasn’t been disclosed — but it’s not Lois Lane.
…All three thesps are repped by UTA. Eve is also repped by Untitled and Pike by Magnolia Entertainment.

Is omission the new trend? First we learn that J. Jonah Jameson’s character won’t be appearing in the Spider-Man reboot and now we get the shock of Lois. This movie is already well along its way in differentiating itself from previous films if they plan to leave out Lois and the obvious assumption is that the role is for Clark Kent’s first love Lana Lang. This news is going to take some time to digest but I think I’m OK with the decision considering the people involved in making this movie but are the masses ready for a Superman movie sans Lois Lane?

Editors Note: No where in Variety’s article does it say that Lois Lane will not be in the film. The article states that these three actresses are all being considered for a lead female role. The article states that that lead female role will not be Lois Lane but does not say that the character will not be in the film.

Sorry for any confusion this might have brought to the International Friends.

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25 thoughts on “No Lois Lane?

  1. This news is interesting and all, but my main question/concern is if they are going to keep the music from the previous Superman films, or is it going to be changed to something totally different?

    Honestly you can’t mess around with John Williams’ score and if they change to something different, all my interest in this movie will be completely GONE.

  2. None of those three being Lois doesn’t necessarily mean Lois isn’t in the movie. Excluding Lois would be a bigger deal than excluding Jameson.

  3. I think this could be interesting…. Clark Kent’s gonna travel the world, yet to decide if he should be Superman or not in this movie (judging from what i heard), and i guess only characters name drops would work fine for the movie, setting things up for the inevitable sequel….. I think they might even show Lois and company right at the end or something, a la Nick Fury in Iron Man….

  4. Isnt this movie supposed to take place before metropolis? There is no need for Lois.

    Plus the Seigels have the rights to her.

    As stated in another post on this site

    “basically, Warner has until 2011 to make another Superman movie, but they can’t mention Krypton, his parents, the daily planet or Lois Lane…. but they can still show him flying.”

    1. I don’t see how they can make a superman movie without mentioning krypton, the daily planet, or his parents. Warner must have reacquired the rights.

  5. Yep! I agree, no Lois isn’t such a big deal. They need to do something different with this movie. Clark arriving in Metropolis to pine after Lois Lane has been done too many times already. As for the Smallville comment above, Lois is in that too. Lois will always be a part of the Superman mythos but maybe she isn’t needed to tell this story. I don’t ever want to see Doomsday in any Superman movie. That was a gimmicky, underwritten character with no value beyond the death of Supes arch. Darkseid would be cool though.

    1. I totally agree with your comments about Doomsday, glad I am not the only one who feels this way. Now that there is no Lois Lane, I hope Lex Luthor is also omitted as well. He has just been done to death in the films and I am not interested in seeing anymore Luthor for at least this film.

      I also feel having Darkseid would also draw comparisons to Smallville current storyline so I hope he is omitted also.

      I think someone like Mongul or Brainiac would be a good villain, heck I would even consider Solomon Grundy as the villain for film, he would bring that supernatural feel which seems to be popular right now.

      Who knows who they will choose though, keeping fingers crossed!

  6. I’ve got no problem with this at all. No Lois, no Luthor. I’ve got nothing against either of these characters & love them both but we’ve been beaten over the head with them in almost every Superman movie already. If they are choosing to go a new route, ala Superman: Earth One, then I’m absolutely on board.

  7. Well this is some bullshit. If I wanted to watch Smallville, I watch Smallville. I really hope this is not another story of a hero trying to find his inner hero.
    Can I just see one film were Superman destroys an army of killer robots, or an awesome battle with someone like Doomsday or Darkseid.

    1. Go watch a cartoon, that is my advise to you
      A movie is supposed to be cinematic and character driven. I feel that you have to explore Superman the man in order for audiences to identify with him. You have the luxary of knowing about him but others want to explore him. I think this is a good idea and from all that i hear a welcomed NEW approach. Can’t wait to see what they do with the last son of krypton

      1. totally agree with Roman here. if you wanna see an all action Superman movie without much story to it, check out the DVD called Superman: Doomsday or better still watch The Punisher….

    2. Sorry Roman, I have to disagree. The subtle approach is nothing new for superman. I agree with Chris. I would love to see a Superman movie that comes close to the action of the Superman cartoons. There are very few reasons that action has to be downplayed completely for introspection. Spiderman 1/2 and Nolan’s batman did a pretty good job of that balance.

      1. I’m with Roman on this. The Superman movies have always been light on characterization on Superman as a man. That is why these movies, once you get past the flying, the tights and the love story don’t really resonate in the long run. When you break it all down, a fight scene is a fight scene. If there is no motivation or characterization that makes the audience care about the out come of the battle, who cares. The light saber battles in the original Star Wars were made that much cooler due to the fact that we were invested in the outcome. Would light over come dark, would father reunite with son. The prequels had none of this so the light saber battles meant nothing. They were just special effects thrown at the screen.

        Too many movies are done this way today. Action for the sake of action. Give us a Clark Kent/Superman we can relate to and we’ll watch him battle the denizens of evil everytime. But give us a bland, uncharacterized Clark/Supes ala Superman Returns, and it don’t matter how much action you throw at the screen, I’ll guarantee you a flop.

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