Some Lighthearted Japanese Spiderman

Haven’t had your fill of Spidey for the day, but don’t want to see more pictures of the set? Well, this is the post for you. The Spiderman fans here will probably have seen clips of the wonderous Japanese Spiderman show from the 70’s, but it’s unlikely you’ve seen this 9 minute collection of madness.
Seems the eastern webslinger loved to shout his name and do the vogue.
Seriously though, his little theme that plays after every pose? I want that for me, in real life, every time i say my own name.

So guys…. Raimi Spiderman or Japanese Spiderman??
You might want to check out his theme tune too:

With great power, comes´╗┐ great responsibility… and giant robots.

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11 thoughts on “Some Lighthearted Japanese Spiderman

  1. I have the entire series and every episode is the same madness and random events. Problem is that if you have seen one you have seen them all. New monster every time but it gets killed by Leopardon (Spiderman’s Robot) in one or 2 hits. But it is so hilarious you keep watching it :p

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