Even More Spiderman Images + A Swinging Video

The amount of pics coming from this film is simply unreal! This is what, the third or fourth load of photos in a week or two? I’d have left ’em where they were too but theyre good, nice close ups of the suit. What can I say about it really, that hasn’t already been said? The suit is warming on me the more im exposed to it.
Check em for youself.

And finally, a video of Spidey swinging! It’s brief, but cool nonetheless.

Have any of you guys warmed toward the suit yet?

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15 thoughts on “Even More Spiderman Images + A Swinging Video

  1. is everyone here in secret denial trying to convince each other to like the suit, or am i the only one that think it looks like bat shit?

    that uniform looks like they were deliberately trying to make it look like the worst possible costume while at the same time keeping it somewhat in the ballpark.

    i mean, i hate it when you can tell they were obviously trying to make a new cool change to the original material to make it their own and it ends up looking like shit.

    it looks way too pro to be his wrestling costume, too. which is a shame.

    btw the eyes could not humanly possible look more like two slits of shaved squirrel pussy.

    im sorry, not a pessimist, just my opinion. imo this is an epic backfire.

  2. I’m still not feeling the suite. I just don’t like the swooshy strips on the sides of the arms and legs that are look like the Spiderman 2099 suite. Other than that, it looks like what I’d expect of a Spiderman suite. But it’s not so bad that it would affect my ability to enjoy the movie in any way.

    I’m also happy to see that they will be using live stunts! I’m looking forward to this movie.

    1. “I dont like the boots” “I dont like it being red and blue”


      “I dont like that there using a wire”. ” Attica! Attica, Attica!”

      Chill, this looks good!

  3. The costume is growing on me, he has a very detailed posterior. When he was swinging all i was thinking about was Jeorge Jetson screaming Jane Stop this crazy Thing!

    1. How is this “red and blue crap”?

      There have been literally hundreds of variations on the classic spidey suit and this could be any one of them. This is what Spider-Man’s costume looks like in a lot of the books too, so I don’t get the blind hate suggesting that an outfit that DOES look like Spider-Man is “crap”

  4. I like the fact that they are doing everything possible to stay away from heavy cgi. The suit is growing on me, although I didn’t really thing they needed. To change it. You can slightly see the stunt man’s eyes through the lenses on the mask, wonder if they’ll keep that in since they’re going for more realism or cgi it out.

    1. The shoes look like they are for the stunt man’s protection, but even if they kept “soles” on the shoes, I still wouldn’t have a problem with it. Its a tiny detail in an otherwise good looking costume.

      As for the eyes, I imagine they will be CG covering them. If not, that would distract from the suit for me. I don’t want to see eyes hinting through the mask.

      1. Don’t get me wrong, I like the overall look of the suit. I hope you’re right about the shoes being for the stunt man though. Either way it’s just a minor detail.

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