Cars 2 Promo Images Online

While we itch for an Incredibles 2, Pixar has instead moved forward to sequel their most merchandizable property instead. Makes sense considering that
Some promo images for Cars 2 have hit the net featuring the characters of the film, sadly they are only showcasing the returning cast as the entirety of Radiator Springs appears to be going on the world tour Grand Prix with Lightning McQueen as his road crew.

There are a few more images over at /Film but its really just some onesheets of the characters that could easily have been from the original film.

If they really want to promote this, then were are the NEW characters?

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4 thoughts on “Cars 2 Promo Images Online

  1. i wonder do pixar finally run out of fresh ideas and characters? i haven’t seen any but two sequels from them in these 2 years period. And one of them is Cars, personally my least fave from Pixar. I hope they will get back to their best. Bringing original and fresh tales that make them above the rest on biz. Also if they go with sequels, next time bring back The Incredibles. That movie screams for a sequel.

  2. I agree Rodney. Where are the new cars? I have to say that Cars is still one of the greats from Pixar in my book. Mostly because there isn’t really a plot and the best parts are just cars driving around talking (Herbie had it right from the get go!)

    I hope they keep that route-66-driving-isn’t-what-it-used-to-be-feeling. But I have a feeling they won’t :(

    This time around McQueen goes racing…. aaaaaand I’m out.

  3. I think this movie could have as a good movie in the beginning to the children in the 2011, hopefully just as fun and be objective as the first movie and get lucky

  4. It’s going to be really hard to listen to Fillmore, the hippie van, without George Carlin around anymore. Then again, they were able to get aroung Jim Varney’s death in order to recreate the voice for Slinky in Toy Story 3, so maybe they’ll find a voice sound-alike for George Carlin.

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