Captain America Spoilers?

A production designer has revealed a list of Captain America: The First Avenger spoilers to a French magazine. The article labels them as “massive spoilers,” but I wouldn’t call them massive.

GeekTyrant reveals:

The information comes from Captain America production designer Rick Heinrichs who did an in-depth interview with French magazine L’Ecran Fantastique. If you think you know what this movie is going to be like, think again. There are a lot of surprises in this information here that I wasn’t expecting, and I love what I’m reading! I can’t wait to see this movie!!

It’s hard to tell how reliable this source might be, so do with this as you like. I know some of this is really old news, like the idea of it being primarily a period piece. Personally, that’s the most exciting part of this project for me, and I hope it works!

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15 thoughts on “Captain America Spoilers?

  1. Not really spoilers but def good info to know. I have high hopes for this movie as compared to Thor. The Cap is gonna rule the summer.

  2. i just don’t understand why the guy that plays the human torch from the fantastic 4 is playing captian america! that’s going to confuse alot of kids that go to see this movie. heck i’m confused! we need to find better actors for these great movies. was matt damon or ethan hawke too busy?

    1. Sorry man. If you saw the preview images, I don’t think ANYONE is going to confuse this guy with the Human Torch.

      Evans has come a long way since that role.

      1. The Fantastic Four is currently facing a reboot, which means they will not be using the cast from the previous two films.

        The cast of those films will never be seen in those roles again.

    2. Nobody really remembers those FF4 movies anyway so no big deal. They were mediocre movies at best and not really rewatchable. So kid’s aren’t going to immediately recognize Chris Evans as the guy who was the Torch in the FF4 movies. He’ll probably be remember for playing Captain America when all is said and done.

  3. I’m still trying to see what are the major spoilers on this post. it’s just a guy sayin’ this will be different. no link I can see either.

    what gives?

    1. Click “Geektyrant reveals,” that is the link to and the full story.

      I agree with you, even having seen the full list, it isn’t really a “massive spoiler” as they purport.

  4. So he is a mascot, and then he goes awall to reduce a group of soldiers. I imagine they feel indebted to him after that so they follow his lead. I still don’t see what difference it would make if he was black or white.

  5. Dude, the basis of the Captain America character is that he’s a man out of time. His values, morals and worldview are what set him apart from most characters. His exploits during WWII are what makes so many willing to follow him in modern times, he’s a legend to most. Taking the time to build and establish that legend is just as important as his shield. If this were a one-shot movie, I’d agree with bringing him to the present right away, but it’s not. Between the two franchises, Captain America will be in 6 movies. I say they have plenty of time to do this right and start with some character development.

  6. it will most likely be a good movie but really I can give a rats ass about old school Cap. Bring me modern cap asap!

  7. From what I’ve read the only portion that might be hard for the general public to grasp is the comic cube angle. Other than that it seems pretty straight forward. The reveal about the Red Skull’s mask is kinda odd too though. I still can’t wait to see the trailer though.

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