No DC Shared Movie Universe, For Now

Batman lives in Batman’s world and Superman lives in Superman’s world, according to producer Charles Roven. In an interview with Shocktillyoudrop he revealed a little about the chances of a DC shared movie universe, saying “That may be in somebody’s mind but right now the Batman lives in his world and the Superman lives in his world. Those stories are those stories and we haven’t thought beyond each individual picture”. He also revealed that official pre production still hasn’t begun on either The Dark Knight Rises or Superman :Man of Steel yet. He also spoke about the possibility of Batman 4.
Charles Roven

Well, I think that Chris Nolan has said that he wanted to make a trilogy and this is a trilogy. As far as we all know, this is it. This is the trilogy. The Dark Knight Rises is the third part of what Chris created with Batman Begins and we’re not looking past that. I’ve said this about Chris before: I’ve never known Chris to do anything but focus on the movie he’s making. He gets completely immersed in the movie he’s doing and I know that all he’s thinking about right now when it comes to Batman, the Dark Knight Rises, is making it the best movie he can. He’s not thinking, “will there be another one?” And he’s already said, in his mind, it’s a trilogy. So I think he’s just focusing on making this the best he possibly can and that’s it.

I’m a bit suprised that they’ve yet to start ‘official pre production’, especially for Superman. At least they already know how they want to portray the batman universe, but I was hoping they’d put a lot of work into Superman. And as for a shared movie universe? I prefer things as they are, single focused stories are generally better. Don’t most comic fans complain about crossovers anyway?? I can see Marvels movieverse getting very cluttered…
How do you guys feel about it? DC Movieverse, thumbs up or down?

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7 thoughts on “No DC Shared Movie Universe, For Now

  1. Smallville has been great and it has allowed new interpretations of well known aspects to be explored. But they wont cast Tom Welling, as they can have 2 seperate franchises running The Superman movies and Smallville movies/t.v movies every so often as the fan base is there for it.

  2. I would love to see Tom Welling cast and instead of calling the movie Superman for the 100th time, they should call it Metropolis. Bring back the characters from Smallville who have a built in history and do something exciting that has character growth, the one thing all the Superman movies have missed. The cohesive universe is the only way to go. Character interaction between different hero’s with varying ideologies have created some of the best stories in comics. Why not show this in the movies. I applaud Marvel for once again being the Standard bearer in regards to trying something new. The public will soon tire of origin stories, trilogies and reboots, solidify the universe’s and open up the possiblity for a multitude of stories to be told. Each company calls themselves a universe so why not show the world the complete universe.

  3. DC is just waiting to see if this years Marvel run and the way they connect things work.

    if it does Then I think the flood gates will start to bend a little at least.

  4. I thought that is why they hired Angela Bassett to play Amanda Waller in the Green Lantern movie, so they could start having her in other movies as Waller, and have a start at one DC Universe throughout all the movies; just as Samuel Jackson does Nick Fury in most of the newer Marvel movies.

  5. Well having hired a director who is pretty much done with his most recent film (Sucker Punch) save for promoting it, to me counts as “pre-production”…think of how Snyder was conceptualizing Watchmen while still working on 300. The wheels are turning in his mind about how this movie will look and feel, as soon as he can start officially communicating that to a staff of designers then pre-production will commence.

    I do agree they need to get the ball rolling on Superman and at least cast somebody…

    1. Yeah I suppose I hadn’t thought of the work he’s doing on his own.
      They really have to cast superman, and cast someone who can really portray the man of steels qualities..


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