‘Black Panther’ Movie In Development

Marvel superhero Black Panther is finally coming to the big screen. Marvel have hired Mark Bailey (whose background is in Documentaries) to pen a movie based on the monarch of Wakanda, otherwise known as T’challa. Marvels Kevin Feige will produce.

You may know that a film version of the first black superhero has been in the works before. Back in the ninties, Columbia tried to make it with Wesley Snipes to star, but I can’t see Snipey coming back for this one. If I’m honest, I’ll be very disapointed if they don’t cast Idris Elba. He is a FANTASTIC actor, and has a larger then life screen presence perfect for Black Panther. I know he’s appearing in Thor but, he’s under a big helmet and frankly, I doubt he has too much screen time. If they don’t pick Elba, my second choice is naturally Christopher Mintz-Plasse, cause, yano…. he fits the bill.

As for Mark Bailey, he seems a strange choice. He has previously worked as a writer or story editor on HBO documentaries Pandemic: Facing AIDS and Ghost of Abu Ghraib. Perhaps he’s a Black Panther fan, perhaps he’s already had a fantastic idea for it. I imagine a gritty, realistic version to be honest, perhaps dealing with real life problems in Africa. Time will tell.

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20 thoughts on “‘Black Panther’ Movie In Development

  1. all the actors that could be him are twenty years to old for him the obvious choice is an unknown actor but obvisouly he has to be good enough actor for storm a.k.a Halle Berry.

  2. I was brain storming, because i really love the black panther character and would like them to do him justice on the big screen (like what nolan did with Batman), when my buddy came up with a great idea for the actor and I for the director. His name is sean blackmore from General Hospital (soap opera). he’s not gorgeous but we believe he can carry the role to a tee!! looks, body wise, voice, the whole nine yard!! As for the director… I was going for the director of District 9! He is great at showing action and filming gritty, real world issues, with a great sense of realism! Also, the budget can be respectably low, considering… the lead actor is not world wide known and the director is known to push the envelope with a small budget (effects, etc). Food for thought…

  3. Well, i always think of Idris Elba when news of Black Panther movie resurface. Unfortunately i can’t think of any young black actors of today that stand out, and i will throw fits to anyone to come out with idea of “musician/actor” to be in the mix.
    Anyway, Wakanda is quite a unique country. It’s considered the jewel of Africa. A prosperous and considered a superpower country amongst african nations (in the comic). So i do believe all the struggles & challenges Black Panther have to deals are come from the relation of his country with the outside powers. It can also be the precursor of his “uneasy” relationship with the Avengers

  4. I so wish Keith David could fit the bill (in fact he voiced Black Panther in the Fantastic Four cartonn in the mid 90s) but he’s too old for the role. Although if Black Panther’s father is in the movie…

    1. Both Djimon and Idriss are great actors and africans which to me is a major advantage but they are both a bit too old for the character as he appears in the comis. How about an unknow dude for this one ??

      1. I agree. Djimon has a lot of grey and wrinkles these days and Black Panther is a young and fit king. Not saying he can’t get into shape or that they can’t take some liberties with the character but I would really prefer if they kept true to a youthful Black Panther.

        If they did go with a older actor I would prefer Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje hands down.

    1. I don’t like Michael Jai White as T’challa. He doesn’t strike me as a African king. No doubt he’d be able to handle the physical requirements, but I don’t think he has the look.

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