Blurry Video of New Spiderman In Action

Now that we’ve all had time to digest that new costume and form oppinions (Personally, I like it. It may be an overly detailed and expertly tailored suit for a high schooler, but that didnt bother me in the original trilogy, and it wont now), but we hadn’t seen the mask or spidey in action. Well a (very blury) video popped up online showing just that.

Also, I think its fair to say its definitely not Garfield in there.

Enjoy, and do tell us what you think!

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12 thoughts on “Blurry Video of New Spiderman In Action

  1. Looks pretty cool. The Incredible Hulk, to me, proves that you can reboot without waiting too long, Im interested to see the web shooters as am element of suspense and how they tell the origin. I wonder if they speed it up and tell it over the opening sequence, or if they use the first third to introduce everyone…

  2. could this be a scene when spidey runs out of web to the shooter? Looks like it could.

    Agree with rodney about the abrobatics. Maybe we’ll ALL be blown away by this… maybe we won’t :D

  3. It isn’t Garfield (bit thicker really) but it is interesting to see that they are doing some of the acrobatics and stunts with people instead of CGI-Spidey.

    This will certainly contribute to the tone and feel of the movie.

    1. Would be great, Thats the one thing that kept Raimis 1 st one from being great, the CGI on Spidey when he was chasing Uncle Ben’s (supposed) killer. it got better as the movie went on BUT that 1st shot was wayyyy CGI apparent.

      Some real movement will add to it BUT CGI is still needed w/ Spideys moves. Nobady can do that. without CGI It’ll just look like Ultraman or T.V. series Spidey (not recommended)

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