Sally Field to play May Parker in Spider-Man Reboot

Seems the Parker family is now complete and everyone with that surname in the film is now cast. Sally Field will be playing Aunt May.

The Oscar-winner is in talks to join the Spider-Man reboot that is ramping up for a December start. It’s reported that she will play Martin Sheen wifey and Peter Parker mother-figure Aunt May.

This is not as perfect a casting as Martin Sheen as Ben Parker, but it could work.

I guess my issue is that I always expected May to be MUCH older. I am not saying Sally Fields is young, or even middle aged… but the granny figure of May will be hard to scratch out of my head.

But they are doing a good job making this NOT that Spider-Man. I just hope it is also a good Spider-Man.

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21 thoughts on “Sally Field to play May Parker in Spider-Man Reboot

  1. I don’t have a problem with the casting so far, both Sheen & fields are just amazing actors, what concerns me about this movie is if they do the exact same thing again with the characters.

    If this is an entirely new reboot then do it right, the fans want to see Spidey with mechanical web shooters, we want to see him jaw jack and be the smart ass he’s known for, we really never got that with Maquire and Dunst was just so one dimensional as Mary Jane, okay she just plain sucked period.

    I understand where everyone is coming from in regards there really isn’t a reason to reboot the franchise, Sony needed to leave Rami alone and get back to basics, if that couldn’t be done, then hire a newer director and get better script writers, but seriously nobody is going to know how good or bad this new movie is going to be until a trailer is released, then people can make judgements.

  2. I feel like all they’re doing is taking names of stars. What they should do is cast people who are right for the role, not top names of around an age group just to be these characters.

  3. Ultimate May Parker is HOT!!!
    But i don’t thing sfield is hot, but is a great actress. And May is very important suport character ….so let’s seeee….

  4. Looking forward to the reboot. Never liked Tobey Mcguire as Spidey. Don’t really mind the age difference either for Aunt May. Overall I think that if more Spideys were to be made, rebooting was the best option. I enjoyed the other movies regardless of my feeling for Tobey in the roll, but I always felt they were lacking. Something new needed to be done, and hopefully this reboot is the answer.

  5. lol, this reboot is having some of the most stupidist casting in it I’ve ever seen. Jesus Crist. May’s an old lady in the comics. What are they gonna do, put a wig on this woman?

      1. Anyone remember Forrest Gump? She’ll be convincing as an elder woman, hell she’d be convincing at anything! She’s friggin Sally Field!

        My problem is that it just seems strange as hell to do this movie soooo soon, I hope to God it blows us away, and I always had a thing for Sally here, ever since she changed out of her wedding gown in the backseat of Bandit’s Trans-Am.

        Lets see a trailer then we can Scream or Cry (for joy i hope)

    1. We have only seen one.

      You act like we will be seeing the same story again. There will obviously be common details (I bet there is a radio active spider during a school trip) but we dont know how this is going to play out. It will be interesting to see another director/writer take on the story.

  6. She’s 64, playing the Aunt of a high school kid. If anything, she’s actually a tad on the old side, if she’s anywhere close to the age of her sister (or, I suppose, Ben Parker’s sister — whoever’s Peter’s mother).

    Seems right to me.

    Besides, Sally Field’s an amazing actress who can fit into pretty much any role.

    1. I don’t think Aunt May is supposed to be the sibling of Peter Parker’s mother or father. She looks 75 or more in the comic books. She’s probably a great aunt or something.

  7. I thought they already had the perfect Aunt May, but I can understand wanting to distance yourself from the previous movies as much as possible.

    I share the same sentiments as everyone else, Sally feels a little to young for the Aunt May part, but a little gray hair coloring and some creative makeup should take care of that.

    I have no doubt that Sally will be wonderful if chosen.

  8. Sally Field looks young to be Aunt May. Perhaps she could pull it off.
    I have low expectations for this Spidey reboot. Perhaps that could change once the movie is in theaters.

  9. Actually, she fits pretty well as the Ultimate Spiderman, aunt May. The ultimate version of aunt May is a lot younger than the original.

  10. This goes against the grain of the comics, but I love SField. I have no doubt she’ll be great.

    I was concerned about the age of the new Spider-Man until I saw Social Network. That guy is awesome!

    Do we know who is playing the female lead(s)?

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