Harry Potter Superfan Sets the Bar

Maybe there is a contest to enter but I hadn’t heard of one. Just one day, Harry Potter Uberfan, who actually calls himself “the real Harry Potter” decided to document his obsession.

That is a dedication. I myself am obsessed with Star Wars, and aside from a handful of toys – I mean collectibles – that adorn my desk, and a plethora of dvds and novels, I don’t go as far as this guy.

The guy wore “dress robes” to his prom. I wonder if he had a date?

What are you obessed with?


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12 thoughts on “Harry Potter Superfan Sets the Bar

  1. 2:15 cracks me up! I hope this guy gets more out of life then an imaginary world. I mean as awesome as the Harry Potter world is, I hope he knows he has to come back to reality one day or another. I hope Daniel Radcliffe has seen this!

  2. “What are you obsessed with?”

    I go through phases – as most do, I’m sure. When Pokemon was popular, I dressed like Ash Ketchum and entered in pokemon tournaments (card and electronic), and of course lost to the 8 year old asian kids. When Yugioh! was popular, I was pretty into that too.

    Usually my phases die out when noone likes those things anymore NOT because I go with the crowd or anything, but because there’s noone to share my enthusiasm with.. so it gets depressing. As an example… if teenagers started buying duel disks and “dueling” in the streets or at school, then chances are I’d be paying a visit to the local Shoe Repair to purchase some YuGiOh! cards for dueling. But I’m nowhere near as obsessed as this dude.

  3. This is kind of creepy, but at least he’s a good artist. I guess the only thing I’m really moderately obsessed with is anime and manga, but even then you won’t find my room cluttered with anime stuff.

  4. What are you obessed with?

    well comics I guess, I dont subscribe anymore but do have a SHITLOAD of them boxed and boarded in a prestine enviornment (a/c garage).
    I do love the Comic Cover Art more than the stories in most of them.(dont get me wrong the stories are important as well) but something about the cover art really gets my attention. that’s whats missing from movie poster art IMO, for comic book adaptions to film they should just make a poster that resembles a comic book cover!

    this and………KIM KARDASHIANS ASS!

  5. Wow, I like HP but this is just crazy! If you listen to him, he makes it obvious that he isnt a child but someone over the age of 18 or 19! Well, at least he isnt a drug addict or gang banger!!!

    1. well, he started at 11, assuming it was in 1997 when the first novel was released he must be around 24 years old now, when Harry Potter phenomenon decrease rigth after the last movie came out, only the hardcore fans will survive (like this one of course), so he will be around his 30’s when he finally discover that he needs a new identity and a bigger house to store all the merchandising he bought, and the most sad part, he probably would realize that he isn´t Harry Potter, and this video is gonna chase him for the rest of his life, a sad and lonely life of a simple, boring and unmagical MUGGLE !!!

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