Pokemon Live Action?

Ok, this is really hard to see, and its fast paced but what you are looking at is what could be a live action Pokemon film. A contributor at Shogungamer says he attended a secret movie trailer screening and was shown the clip and managed to catch the last 30 seconds of it on his cell phone.

While it does look a little awkward with the gritty real updated adult versions of the TV show’s main characters (and guns too) the Pokemon themselves still look cute and cartoony.

Let’s face it. Most Pokemon fans are all growed up now anyways, so it make sense to try and target this at a slightly older-than-toddler crowd, but if they are going to make the characters older and more mature, then I would think they would want to make the Pokemon themselves more impressive too.

I hadn’t even heard they were working on this, so who knows what will come of it. Could have been a test market to get a reaction before they go ahead and make a movie, or could be a fan film.

I have a bizarre attachement to the franchise as back before the days of TheMovieBlog.com I worked for a movie review site (that evolved into this site) and Pokemon 2000 was the first film I had to review (Out of our team I was the only one with kids so I got saddled with these types of movies) and you never forget your first!


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24 thoughts on “Pokemon Live Action?

  1. When I saw this the other day, I swear I’d seen it before. Specifically, the voltorb blowing the car up – that scene I know I’ve seen before.

    I don’t mean “seen it in the last week”. Like, I thought I’d seen it years ago.

    Guess not, but this looks like something I’d see.

  2. As a ‘product’ of the 90’s I grew up this and have actually remained a Pokmemon fan (just to the games) and something that always irked me is they never give anything for the fans that have grown up, it’s always on the same level so if they were to make a film about it and actually be quite brutal, I’d appreciate that so much as a fan. Team Rocket (who I assume are the villains in this clip) always seemed so evil and got quite sugar coated in all the pokemon mediums, so to actually have them as gun weilding pokemon trainers, it’s quite cool.

  3. They’re making so many live action movies out of old cartoon characters, so why not? Plus I was always curious to see what a live action pokemon movie would look like.

  4. I had an idea for a Pokemon live action film once. It was called Pokemon: Challenger. It dealt with a teen pokemon champion having to come into her own as a possible Gym leader as her sister, who runs a small-town gym is dying of cancer. As the gym ownership comes into question from a rival, the teen must succumb to a challenge for true ownership.

  5. This has to be fan made.
    ai am not completely opposed to the idea of a live action Pokemon movie
    I think it could work as long as it doesn’t look like they took the characters straight out of Nintendo 64’s Pokemon Stadium.

  6. The fact that there isn’t any iformation about this shows that this is definitely a marketing thing. We are most definitely either looking at the next Dragon Ball film or just an idea for a much bigger picture. Trust me, if a live Pokemon film is being made, it will be on 3D.

  7. Not a bad idea. Unlike some franchises that seem to do movies or tv shows based on original material that’s very dated I think this workds because as you say there are a lot of adults who grow up with Pokemon in their cartoon and/or video gaming background (I happen to have both).

    Let’s just hope it doesn’t end up like that live action Dragonball movie from a few years ago…

    1. Even that could have turned out a lot better then it did, had they padded the movie out a bit more and just included some characterization. If they had added just an extra 15-20 minutes, and make most of that characterization scenes, I feel the movie would have turned out far better then it did.

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