Weekend Boxoffice Report August 13th-15th

In a very crowded weekend at the Boxoffice, I predicted The Expendables to be at Number 1 which was an easy bet. Figured Scott Pilgrim would take 2, and The Other Guys would pick up the scraps.

The other opener this weekend was Eat Pray Love, and despite a healthy publicity push, I figured it would be lucky to hit top 5.

Man was I wrong.

Boxoffice Mojo has the estimates:

The Expendables – $35,030,000 – Opening
Eat Pray Love – $23,700,000 – Opening
The Other Guys – $18,000,000 – 2wks
Inception – $11,370,000 – 5wks
Scott Pilgrim vs. the World – $10,525,000 – Opening

I was seriously surprised to see Scott Pilgrim ranking so far behind on the weekend list, and even MORE surprised that the completely uninspiring looking Eat Pray Love threatened The Expendables that much.

The Other Guys was a fun movie, and likely got a lot of “I wanted to see that and the other lines are too long” push this week, and Inception is still going strong edging out my number 2 spot prediciton.

There is a LOT of good buzz going on around Pilgrim though. I wouldn’t be surprised if it gets ranked a little higher next week as the crossover demographic that went to see The Expendables gets around to this one.

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2 thoughts on “Weekend Boxoffice Report August 13th-15th

    1. and thats why you married her :-)

      Meanwhile Pilgrim will come back to number 2 next week with i think expendables holding top for a second week but we shall see. Fingers crossed for Cera he deserves some box office numbers for this flick.

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