Taken 2?

The wheels are starting to turn. Could it be, that we’ll have Taken 2 in the near future? In this short video (thanks to MTV Movies Blog), we can see Liam Neeson talk a little about it. He states that he’ll be meeting with producer Luc Besson later this month to discuss the possible sequel. Enjoy…

I loved Taken. Neeson was perfect in it. I wouldn’t mind having a sequel of sorts, or even a prequel. I’ll always remember this movie: About the same time the movie came out on DVD, my little sister was annoying my parents with the idea that she wanted to do a “summer abroad program” thing in Europe. Lol. One night my parents where about to start watching this movie, when my sister came in, and sat down to see it with them. Result = “Summer Abroad Program” what? My parents never heard more about it. It seems my sister ended her quest after watching the film. Lol.

What do you guys think? Do you want another Taken? Want a sequel or a prequel?

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27 thoughts on “Taken 2?

  1. Doubt they’d do a prequel…

    But taken 2 could possibly be done 6 months after the first movie in where the singer from the original film has now taken him on full time as a body guard but mutual feelings between her and Bryan Mills means he has to leave the job as love would get in the way. After the singer is kidnapped and held for ransom, Bryan then feels it’s his fault for not being at her side.

    Guilty ridden and angry he then decides to wreak havoc in America finding her!!!

  2. Kim gets married, has a child and on a visit to…I don’t know….Italy? whatever..she loses her 7ish year old child who is deeply affectionate of Bryan…

    Only problem is age…but hey, its Neeson

  3. I guess, the sequel of taken will take place in LA where all bad people in paris will hunt down him for revenge especially big bos in paris whom he killed in Taken. their syndicate was actually closed down just because he want to find his daughter. there will find him in LA for revenge hehe

  4. I think the original film had within it an idea which could be used as a sequel, there was the sub-plot of him working in security for the Holly Valance character. In Taken he was able to diffuse that situation, end of story.

    But, what if something similar happened, say to someone important, their daughter/wife is taken, he’s hired to find and bring them back.

    Ok, a bit predictable but it would warrant using the word “Taken” in the title again. He could even be related in some way to whomever was taken, perhaps his God daughter, whatever.

  5. im in for a sequel orprequel. i would watch liam neeson read the dictionary…and he’s reading it to some guy tied to a chair, and then beats him with it. yeah!

  6. Prequel, Sequel whatever. I’ll take either as long as Luc Besson delivers another bad-ass movie. I won’t have to worry about Liam delivering because he is money!

    Love it!

  7. A believable sequel plot is easy, just take the sheer number of powerful criminals he pissed off in the first film and any one of them could be out for revenge. Whomever the auction runner reports to, more Armenian gang members (maybe the power got shut off in time for that guy to survive?), the family or criminal contacts of the guy who ended up buying the daughter, etc. Maybe even his French contact sets things up to get him back in to set off a trap.

    I don’t like the prequel idea, just because prequels lose a lot of tension for me since at least his character and any others in the original would be guaranteed to live.

  8. No prequel. Dont forget he pissed a LOT of people off in the first one, so maybe some high powered business man could target his “crew” and have them taken, tortured and killed. He’s a soldier and would be as loyal to them as his own family.

    Taken 2: Its more than personal…

    1. I also agree with this. I think the idea of a prequel would work but this also makes sense. It wasn’t just an Albanian network in France, there were wealthy involved not to mention a portion of the local government like his friend from back in the day. There could have been some very angry people with the means to enter the US and attack him in his own city.

  9. Im with everyone else, prequel for sure, seeing close to 60 year old Liam kicking ass and being a good actor would be worth it. I could see him doing some espionage(spelling not sure), or maybe doing something that takes place during the Irag war, he said he was a “Preventor” so maybe someone gets kidnapped over there and it’s his job to get them back, but in this one it would have to be someone he was protected or knew so he is compelled to act or something along those lines.

  10. Taken. Some movies work, other do not. Taken is a tight script, grabs you by thethroat, hs a humourous twsusted to it esppecially the scene where liam exits ad says over his shoudler “apologize to your wife.” This movie is terrifc. Sequel? I don’t think so. A prequel would truly give th audience an insight into this hero of sorts whom, if we were in a smilar dire position would lovbe to be able to be great father ala Sir Galahad. It was perfect so prequel on!

  11. I like the prequel idea. Mostly I just really like watching that man’s acting. THe first half of Taken was the best for me, kind of lost interest towards the end.

    1. I think that might work, but he missed so much in his daughters life theirs really not much to work with. I was thinking maybe something happens to her at college because in Taken she is leaving for college in a year. I can not wait for a Taken 2 either way.

      1. I don’t understand that, “not much to work with”. I mean aside from the picture that Taken painted of a life filled with espionage local and abroad, the training required and the lifestyle as a young adult that would compel an individual to choose that career path; yeah, there’s not much they could make a story out of with that.

      1. It’s very unlikely the writers would base the sequel on sex-trafficking again. Not only did Liam Neeson sign back on, but so did Maggie Grace (The Daughter) and if she was to play a supporting role this time (which is probable), your suggestion would mean she was kidnapped again and sold on the black market…again. Impossible.

    2. I agree with you, a prequel would be interesting and probably the best choice, but they signed Maggie Grace back on for Taken II. I’m not saying it would be impossible, just tricky. Maybe they could do something like she and her father having a conversation about some of the things he’s experienced using a flashback scenario to show the past intermittently shooting back to the present to include her as supporting role. Obviously such a scenario would have to be made up of more than a 2 hour conversation at a coffee shop, but you see where I’m going, I hope.

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