Lizard – Spidey’s Next Villain?

So who will Spider-Man get to fight this time around in this new reboot? Well apparently, it looks like somebody has a pretty good idea…

IGN reports:

We reported earlier this week that actor Michael Fassbender has been given a Sophie’s Choice: He can either play X-Men: First Class’ Magneto or the baddie in director Marc Webb’s Spider-Man reboot. That “baddie”, according to, is…wait for it…The Lizard.

The same sources that gave BleedingCool the news that Jamie (Jamie Bell is this close to playing Spidey) are telling the site that Doc Conners’ alter ego will battle the Webhead in 3D.

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6 thoughts on “Lizard – Spidey’s Next Villain?

  1. Please no Kraven. that would be lame IMO

    I didn’t even like him in the comics.

    let’s keep searchin, I’d rather see Hobgoblin at this point(3-D)
    as to not repeat previous villans

  2. As I said over in the comments at Screenrant. This is oddball news.
    If Lizard is the baddie and Bell is indeed cast, then this whole Parker in High School angle is deep-sixed and Parker’s back in college. Bell is too old to play teen; Doc Connors is a College Professor. 3-D or no 3-D. They might retcon and recast a little, but if this is the way it’s going, it won’t be an entire reboot.

    Since they are still calling reboot, it won’t be Bell and it won’t be The Lizard. Personally from the way the news thus far is sounding like to me is that if there is anything to these things, I am starting to think that Sony is dropping the teen angle. (This might also explain bringing in a writer from the previous films) But I’m not holding my breath.

    As for Fassbender, I’m leaning towards Magneto and First Class. I could see Fassbender as Kraven, maybe, but not Curt Connors/Lizard.

  3. i honestly dont think the lizard is a good idea for a spidey villian this early in their new franchise. i liked how sam raimi was building the character before he introduced the villian and i think that Sony should do the same. so far as fassbenders decision i would pick lizard because i dont think he could properly pull off magneto

  4. Lizard is an old school villan so I’m good, BUT if it’s in 3-D I’d rather see him take on a aerial villan, after see Dragon and some of the scences in Shrek 4 with the flight battles I instantly thought of how cool it would be to see Spidey fight Green Goblin or somebody like that and have the effects be taken advantage of fully! the witches in Shrek were fun to see throwing pumpkin bombs and such. I know it’s animated but this would make this reboot sizzle off the screen.

    just sayin’

  5. I’d pick Magneto. And it has nothing to do with being a better character. The lizard will be a one shot deal. Magneto will have the possibility of making it into more than one movie. Financially it makes sense. That and Magneto is actually a better character.

    The lizard is probably the best they could have done. He is probably the last well known spider-man villain. People like rhino and the shocker, shouldn’t carry a movie.

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