Harrison Ford to join Cowboys and Aliens?

With Cowboys and Aliens next on Jon Favreau’s lap for adaptation staring Daniel Craig and Olivia Wilde, rumour has hit the net that another casting announcement is coming.

Speculation says it will be Harrison Ford.

/Film says:

Latino Review are reporting that they received a tip-off last week that Ford would be joining “a huge comic book movie to be directed by a director coming off a soon to be released huge comic book movie”. The only film I can think of to fit that description is indeed Cowboys and Aliens – but do you have any other ideas?

This tip was given a little added weight when Favreau tweeted “Some very cool Cowboys & Aliens casting news coming soon…” so the rumour finally made it online.

So, if it’s true, we’ll hear soon.

I really hope this speculation is true. I would love to see Harrison Ford in more roles that come to terms with his age. The most redeeming parts of the latest Indiana Jones movie (which I didn’t hate) was watching Indy having to accept that he wasn’t young anymore. He should do more aging roles and become the next Clint Eastwood instead of trying to be the old Harrison Ford.

If you are unfamiliar with Cowboys and Aliens you can get a look at it for free over at Drunk Duck.

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3 thoughts on “Harrison Ford to join Cowboys and Aliens?

  1. I was kinda hoping this’d be for Batman but the “coming off a soon to be released comic book film” shatters that hope :-(

    Hmmm, sounds good, I like me some Ford.

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