Thor and Avengers information Gathered

With all the Thor info out there its hard to keep track. Thankfully /Film has dug some up and decided to share it in one place.

Let me sum up some observations and logic presented:

– Branding Consultant and Creative Director” Gregory Littley confirms it was Chris Hemsworth we see in the brief prison shot in the Iron Man 2 trailer.

– Louis Leterrier being considered as a director for The Avengers? Hemsworth wont confirm it, but says they will be filming around Jan/Feb 2011 to film The Avengers.

– There may be some potential drama between Branagh’s vision for the film and actor Sir Anthony Hopkins, who is playing Odin.

It all sounds like things are going strong, and I am encouraged.

So excited to see this. I hope the Hopkins thing is just rumour, or if its not, that Branagh kicks him in line so he doesn’t ruin the film.

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5 thoughts on “Thor and Avengers information Gathered

      1. Was it a trailer, or that behind the scenes look from MTV France (I think) where they show the entire prison discussion between Stark and Whiplash?

  1. And tell Hopkins not to go Full-Ham on this f’n film like most of his recent stints!

    So that was him?…………..I guess there’s no beer on Asgard

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