Baywatch Feature Film in Development

A theatrical adaptation of Baywatch is in the works, Not a sequel or step to the big screen, but a full on reboot of the series as a feature film.

Cinematical shares:

You know, it’s been 21 years since Baywatch first bounced onto our television screens (I’m counting its original 1989 launch rather than the 1991 one), so now it’s officially old and retro cool. Which means it’s getting a movie. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Paramount has hired Brian Gatewood and Alessandro Tanaka to pen a screenplay for Baywatch: The Movie and have so much faith in it that it has a release date of Summer 2011. Jeremy Garelick is attached to direct.

There really isn’t much to recreate with Baywatch, so that leaves them a clean slate to make the story about anything they want as long as it involves attractive lifeguards.

Of course I highly suspect this reboot will have a Hasselhoff and Pamela Anderson cameo.

And boobies.

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7 thoughts on “Baywatch Feature Film in Development

  1. Are you serious? I’m kinda really interested in seeing how this screen play will pan out. Normally, good movies are made when you already have a great idea and a screen play. I dunno…..not feeling too good about this one at all.

  2. Just play the tape of Hasselhoff trying to eat a cheeseburger on the floor while hammered….thats entertainment!

    (as the great Norm McDonald would say:)

    Germans LOVE David Hasselhoff!

  3. I am reminded of the Futurama episode with Pam Anderson in it, where she says Baywatch the movie was the first movie filmed entirely in slow motion…lets hope it was a prophesy.

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