Star Trek: How it Should have Ended

I really like these “How it Should have Ended” clips. They shine the light of obvious logic on movies just to show us what really should have gone on if it made sense. And then in situations were it didn’t make sense and there is no logic, they just swing the other way.

Check out how JJ’s Star Trek “should have ended”

“Turn of the Lense Flare Generators!!”

“I know right? I mean who designs a star ship that has bright lights shining in your face from ..every.. possible… angle” (that was a little taste of the Shatner there)

And that ending. That ends the debate.. or does it?

ThinkHero found it. Blame him.

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16 thoughts on “Star Trek: How it Should have Ended

  1. I like these HISHE segments also, but I wish they would stop using such awful music. I know they can’t use the original scores for copyright reasons, but surely there’s a better alternative out there.

  2. The “NEW” Trek was quite tasty.

    never really took it seriously and couldn’t get into the new generation stuff. The classic T.V. series was the only one I cared for(and not really).

    I grew up on that stuff but preferred the T.V. stuff like BattleStar Gallatica (original) and Buck Rodgers (that lady from Silver Spoons and the blue jumpsuit w/ cameltoe!)was more my speed.

    that and STARWARS of course

      1. The prequels got better reviews overall then the Star Trek movie, so YOURE the one light years away,

        You should warp to my level =p

        or whatever it is you guys do…


        that says it all, and ends this discussion.

      2. Metacritic is about as accurate as Rotten Tomatoes. Which is to say NOT at all. Film is subjective, but the lack of accountability for those mass reviews is shameless. People who don’t WANT to see the movie can vote negatively as a “review” and it counts.

        When someone who has never seen the film has input to affect the score it has no integrity.

        But yes, when the films came out there was a LOT of positive reviews for the Star Wars films and they were all well received. It wasn’t until later that the nerdrage seemed to have culled that tide back and the hate began.

        John listed Attack of the Clones as his favourite Star Wars film for a good while there… and wont admit it now.

      3. I hate Rotten Tomatoes. Im talking about overall reviews.

        Besides, the money Star Wars has made rapes whatever Star Trek has made.

        Not to mention Darth Vader would PWN any Star Trek character.

        Digital Yoda.

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