New Prince of Persia Trailer Online

Remember the silly stunts and over the top action with just a dash of the supernatural found in the first Pirates of the Caribbean movie? Got that feeling of raw adventure and just light hearted wit and fun in your head?

Ok, now go watch this trailer.

Clearly Bruckheimer’s stamp is all over this, and that’s why I am looking forward to it. I loved the first Pirates movie, but after that it just got too far away from the careful blend of over the top stunts and a little bit of magic to plunge head first into a supernatural world that stripped away any of that swashbuckling fun.

Oh and this has Gemma. Well.. yeah… I am just going to leave that right there.

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22 thoughts on “New Prince of Persia Trailer Online

  1. Brokeback Mountain never made me judge those 2 guys differently from any other actor. even though Jake has a permanent “Please put it in my mouth” expression on his face in everything he does.

    I mean Raul Julia kissed a dude in a movie, same with Russel Crowe(he got even crazier). it’s just a movie and if they make you believe it, then they did their job.

    Jake just looks the part and puts off that kind of vibe even before Brokeback.

    maybee it’s the metro-sexual eyebrows or somethin’

    just sayin’

  2. It’s difficult for me to take Jake seriously…ever since he got is back broken on brokeback mountain. Altough the action sequences look good, with the wall jumps and fighting I would have preferred someone else.

      1. But Heath Ledger was.

        Before that movie came out, I admit that I did think “why would they get someone from Brokeback Mountain to play the Joker?”. After it came out, I realized that it was one movie and one role, and that actors are allowed to play completely different characters in different movies.

        I guess I should have known that before.

        Point is Joe saying take Jake seriousl because of Brokeback Mountain is the same as me saying Heath Ledger shouldn’t play Joker because of Brokeback Mountain.

  3. Eh, I think Jake looks silly…Gemma is very pretty, but also looks out of place. Maybe my tastes are changing because I use to love these popcorn movies, but honestly, I still think this movie looks terrible.

  4. Hmm i wasn’t aware of the approach to start the prince as the orphan,an having the dagger be the reason he becomes a prince. It seems more of like a live action Aladdin now(sort,of).

    But the movie still looks great,an i can’t wait to see it.

  5. I don’t know if the comparison with “Pirates…” is the best way to go as I don’t actually see the resemblance. Anyway the first “Pirates…” movie was great, the game I enjoyed playing although i don’t think the story line can be extended to a movie but the trailer looks great and I am looking forward to the movie. As for sequels to this one, there’s plenty of POP games ;)

  6. I hope I don’t jinx it, but could this be the first video game movie since tomb raider to not totally suck? (and even tomb raider wasn’t that great)

  7. Does Ben Kingsley ever take a day off?

    being from a video game this is a B.S. complaint, but, why is it that every movie now-a-days (seems like) uses the videogame camerawork shots (the panaramic view 360 degree shots)that slow down and then speed up. like the shot in this film that circles the castle tower.

    just saying, it makes you feel that your watching a video game (I know, I know)

  8. POP:Sands of Time was a great game and the first Pirates movie is actually a good source to reference for this type of action, dialogue, and story (hell I think the Sands of Time story could very easily be turned into a Pirates movie).

    I am so amped for this.

  9. POP is one of the best games around, this is my number one movie to see this year as it looks faithful to the look & feel of the games.
    (ps: were com i d.load it 4rm my phone)

      1. Sorry, i’am always viewing this blog on my phone & was hoping if there’s a web(or wap) site where one can download this trailers while browsing on his phone ( i live in west africa so “traditional” internet not always readily available)

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