35 Years of Clint Eastwood Collection

Sometimes there are things in marketing that you REALLY could never predict happening.

For instance, the 35 Years, 35 Films Clint Eastwood Movie Collection available gives you 35 Clint Eastwood films over the last three and a half decades for $130! That’s a steal.

But thats not what you subliminally will see when you catch a glimpse of this baby in the cost effective cardboard mass displays found in retail centers like Costco.

Tell me you read that like I did the first time you saw it? Yeah. That really dirty word that even my potty mouth hesitates to use is the first thing that sprung to mind.

35 Years of leatherfaced, badassed rough and tumble cunt. A real bargain at $130.


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12 thoughts on “35 Years of Clint Eastwood Collection

  1. Disapointing, sorry that Clint Eastwood has his name on this. Could have been a wonderful purchase except that the quailty of the DVD’s were poor and the way they were packaged (in a slip case) was terrible. watched three movies of the 35 and all three had bad spots on them and could not continue. I an sure the packaging had the most to do with the quality.

  2. Clint is one of the greatest talents of all time. I have admired and enjoyed everyonof his films. All of the ones he has starred in, and every thing he has written and directed. He is just finominal all the way around.

  3. Is the use of the word cunt a typo in this post?
    “35 Years of leatherfaced, badassed rough and tumble cunt.”
    Cause that sounds really lame,,,

    1. If you look at the picture above with the DVD package in the stand, the word CLINT is cut off and it looks like the word “c#nt”.

      That is all he was referring to, it was just a little stab at humor. Nothing to get worked up over.

  4. That is an incredible deal, I might have to take advantage of that.

    I still marvel when I watch Fistful of Dollars, and my all time Clint favorite “Outlaw Josey Whales”. There are too many great films to name, we’ll just say Clint is the man!

  5. 35 films for only $130.00. What a deal. Alright math is not great. 1 disc movie 20.00 maybe 25.00, and if it’s a 2 disc maybe 30.00, and it’s a 35 film set. Around $900.00 plus tax and everything else. What a deal for a Clint Eastwood fan.

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