Goyer is NOT writing Superman Reboot

While Latino Review announced an exclusive that David Goyer was going to be writing the next Superman reboot, and even included details (No Routh, No Singer, No Origin – Two badguys=Lex and Braniac) they might have jumped the gun a little.

AICN decided to actually confirm this.

Harry here… So just a while ago I just got off the phone with Thomas Tull at Legendary Pictures who told me that the story that appeared over on LATINO REVIEW just frankly isn’t true. Tull has not unilaterally hired Goyer to come in and write the new SUPERMAN. He loves Goyer, but frankly – the project isn’t at the Script stage yet. Seems Nolan is still hatching some ideas. But he just wanted me to pass on that they have the highest enthusiasm for this project, but the story on Latino just isn’t accurate. I’ll see what more I can find out, but as of right now, there really isn’t anything else to tell.

So it seems the break wasn’t so big a story after all.

Its not the first time a website got the jump on some juicy news and it turned out to be entirely fabricated by someone. It won’t be the last time either.

The internet is all a flutter about this news already today, not one indicating the confirmation. Maybe it will spark discussions everywhere about that proposed angle for the film and those in charge can take note of what everyone is carrying on about.

I would personally NOT want to see Lex Luthor in it. That villain was so beat to death. Also, as much as I loved Routh for the role, if they are rebooting it clean, I would sooner he wasn’t in it. It would confuse people into tying the new film to the Singer sequel/retcon of Reeve’s Superman 2.

Braniac would work, or Metallo. I would hold off on something as epic as Doomsday or Darksied just yet.

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25 thoughts on “Goyer is NOT writing Superman Reboot

  1. Latest rumour doing the rounds is that Batman Begins and Dark Knight co-writer Jonah Nolan may actually end up in the director’s chair of Man of Steel.

    Not sure if the idea seems like a good one or not…would be a risky move.

  2. Actually if my other comment wasn’t moderated you would have seen that in the link that i provided this story is actually real and not a rumor. It was confirmed in Variety.

    1. If you didnt post a link it wouldnt have been moderated.

      Variety posted the story the day after everyone else had that up (and as always refused to credit their source)

      AICN actually contacted the guy in question directly who denied it.

      If he eventually does get hired, that’s fine, but right now they are still saying its up in the air. The studio hasn’t confirmed this at all.

      1. That’s nice and all but Variety is a respected industry related site so this isn’t IMDB we’re talking about here. I get you wanting to wait for confirmation but don’t write like you know for a fact this story isn’t true. That’s all Rodney.

      2. That’s nice and all but Variety is a respected industry related site so this isn’t IMDB we’re talking about here. Every site is reporting it to be true including the place that started it all I don’t know why you chose to go by the one site that’s denying it. Since when have insiders revealed their sources? I get you wanting to wait for confirmation but don’t write like you know for a fact this story isn’t true. That’s all Rodney.

      3. That’s just it. Its an “insider source” rumour. I didn’t say they WONT hire him. Just that pen hasn’t hit paper, and they still haven’t announce that is their intention.

        And while people perceive Variety as this respected industry site, they get a LOT of their information from blogs that posted it first – then fail to link back claiming they broke the story. And sometimes Blogs get it wrong.

        This is the point of the article. Nothing is announced but everyone is running with it. AICN is just a blog like this one, but they have more contacts. Harry CALLED Thomas Tull at Legendary Pictures who blatantly denied the truth to the article.

        That is a fact. That is what is true. Its not been announced and at this point is just a strong rumour. That other sites are claiming it as fact doesn’t mean it is.

        Variety’s source WAS Latino Review who got an insider tip from “someone”. I will believe the guy who talked directly to the studio than a website that started a rumour based on a “someone”

        Maybe the tip is real and it is their intentions. But it still hasn’t happened yet and the studio spoke against it. That is all I have pointed out.

      4. No problem, i see what you mean. I guess i’m just sick of all the back and fourth on this project and lack of progress for all these years. I’m desperately wanting something to start taking place already!

  3. Can we all agree that out of ALL the Supe’s flicks the best Villan/Villans BESIDES Hackman(cheese but brilliant Lex)are the 3 dressed in black in Part 2.

    I mean it had the fighting and action the first lacked.(combat I mean)and was fun.

    Now that I know and was mistaken about Lex in part 3 (probally cause Hackman read the script)but they kinda mimic’d the character anyways, I think the villans are too out there to bring them to the big screen. I know that was a main reason I really dodn’t collect the “Superman” BOOKS CAUSE THE VILLANS WERE MEDIOCRE AT BEST COMPARED TO THE mARVEL vILLANS (imo). It’s definitley about time for a Kick-ass Supe’s movie(non-nolan-dark).

    And also I think everyone’s forgetting that (Nolan thing) The Dark Knight was a Frank Millar vision/take on Batman, a dark, gritty,violent version like his Daredevil run. Great Stuff! but not nessesarily “Nolans Batman”.

    want to see a great Supe’s flick that’s all

  4. A Brainiac movie movie would be the best bad. He’s a great villain, but there’s still one or two more badies in the verse who are even bigger. It could tie Supe’s lore in without touching the origin. Lots of potential for epic fighting and some intrigue. I’d actually love to see the movie go in the Smallville direction of how they interpret Brainiac.

  5. Seems DC entertainment are denying any “rumours” whether they’re accurate or not. Further to AICN’s report above, IGN has the following:

    “EXCLUSIVE UPDATE: IGN has heard from reliable sources that Tull is downplaying this report. Goyer is in fact on the project, but not only that — his The Dark Knight co-writer Jonah Nolan will also be scripting Superman: The Man of Steel along with him. Nolan’s brother Christopher is expected to only executive-produce, and not direct, the film. That said, he will be “hands-on” as a producer. Since the Superman film is under the gun because of the ongoing legal entanglements involving the property, Warner Bros. wants the pair to get started on their script on the double.

    Our sources add that Warners is confident in the early work that Goyer and Jonah Nolan have done so far on Batman 3, and that as a result Superman has now taken on a higher priority status at the studio than it had since Superman Returns was released.”

    Also, re: AICN report, screenrant keenly spotted the following:
    “I’m a bit curious about one aspect of Harry’s report: he claims that Tull is claiming that Nolan is hatching ideas for the next Superman film, but our own Rob Keyes recently posted a report where DCE president Diane Nelson played the “it’s a rumor” card about Nolan even being involved with Superman.”

    It does look like DC entertainment are keeping everything under wraps till THEY themselves announce the news…

  6. In the next Superman movie i want him to use the S symbol on his chest, and throw it at people to fuck them up like he did back in the day.

    MORE Lex Luthor. Less fighting, more Louis drama.

    I also want him to do the mirror effect “multiple superman” trick at least 7 times

    And of course, 3 more super babies.

  7. I actually prefer Routh to be in the film, even if it’s a reboot. He was able to pull off Clark Kent and Superman, we know that the former identity is a more challenging role to master. Anyhow, Christopher Reeve was my favorite Superman and I enjoy seeing the resemblance in Routh.

    As for the film, I’m hoping for lots of damage and destruction as well. I’m definitely sick of Lex, although Hackman and Spacey were solid. Brainiac would be fun.

  8. GOOD.

    Not ‘good’ as in I don’t care for the talent suggested to take the reins, but good as the rumor is squashed. I may not be the biggest lover of AICN, but a round of applause goes to Harry Knowles.

  9. Sad? I don’t want the new Superman movie to be the next Batman movie.

    I want a movie where cities are leveled. I want Doomsday or Darkseid. I want damage. I think we deserve it. The last movie was just a girlie guy dressed like a sissy.

  10. I too am of the opinion that Lex is more than tired.He was like in EVERY Supe’s movie even the one with Richard Pryor (if my memory serves me correct. NO MAS!

      1. He might as well have been. The guy (Webster?) who built the supercomputer was a greedy self proclaimed genius multimillionaire.

        He was a Lex archetype, although no Lex Luthor.

  11. The movie i want to see is ‘Lex Luthor: Man of Steal’. I know people are tired of Lex already, but that comic did a good job of defining who lex really was. It also made you question who the bad guy really was, Lex or Superman. Right up until the end when you saw just haw badass Lex is.

    It would be the first comicbook movie to focus on a villain. After that movie a sequel about Superman and why he is the good guy and everything that he stands for would just be so much more powerful.

    Plus That story doesn’t involve Lois or the Daily Planet, says alien but not Kryptonian. They wouldn’t even have to wold out a deal with the Siegel kids.

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