Zombieland Scribes to write Deadpool

Looks like Deadpool has its writers afterall. What was reported as rumour a month ago is being confirmed as ink on paper.

Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick – the writers of the very witty Zombieland – will be writing Deadpool!

/Film confirms:

Last month is was rumored that Zombieland screenwriters Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick were writing the script for the big screen comic book adaptation of Deadpool. The Hollywood Trades tonight confirm CHUD’s report, adding that Ryan Reynolds will indeed reprise his role as the wisecracking mercenary he portrayed in last year’s X-Men Origins: Wolverine.

This looks like it might happen after Reynolds finishes with Green Lantern and that would also slot it in behind Wolverine 2 and First Class, so we have a little time yet before seeing Deadpool.

I just hope they make some sort of plot that has Deadpool facing off against Weapon XI, so we can pretend that wasn’t Wade. They all but said it was Wade (no where in the film do they outright say WeaponXI is Wade – its strongly implied but never outright said) But I hope that they have the Merc with a Mouth off somewhere else licking his wounds from the experiments they did to him in the program.

Wade crosses paths with WeaponXI (currently called Deadpool) and takes a fancy to the name and starts calling himself that.

Have him come back scarred with new healing powers and a sharp tongue of wit!

Then we can at least enjoy THAT part of Wolverine instead of squirming around how badly they screwed up Deadpool.

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14 thoughts on “Zombieland Scribes to write Deadpool

  1. I don’t understand how we can say Wade wasn’t Weapon XI in the movie. Ryan Reynolds played him, right? And Striker even makes that “you’d be a perfect soldier if we sewed your mouth up” comment and then later Weapon XI appears with his mouth sewn shut.
    I’m normally on board with you Rodney, but in this case I’m siding with your nay-sayers.

    1. He comes back after the credits

      (the following didnt happen in the movie but, its what fucking happens)
      Since he failed at killing wolvie, hes treated as a failed experiment and is taken “back to formula” to the facility called the workshop (the Guantanabo of the X-Men)

    1. Rodney isn’t the only one wishing for that. Or at least suggesting that the Weapon XI isn’t Wade. Which actually makes sense, given one scene in last year’s Wolverine film. (Who else was there when Stryker killed General Munson?)

      1. No.

        I swear to god this is the last time im explaining Wade’s origins.

        That WAS Wade, “Deadpool” CAN NOT appear until after the workshop… Weapon XI is the REASON why he turns into Deadpool afterwards! If he was never Weapon XI then he would have NEVER failed and he would have NEVER been sent to the Worshop as punishment were he was tortured and made completely insane.

        THERE (in the workshop) he adopted the name Deadpool from the infamus game they played called “The Deadpool” after he won his bet.

        The game was to bet on your guess for who would be the next victim to die in the workshop, and wade said “I bet ill die next! once i win how much are you paying up??”
        So he falls in love with death and keeps trying to kill himself, they torture him so much, his healing powers become ungodly and he ends up being SO PISSED that he cant win his bet, that he goes on and kills everyone (prisoners and faculty) and leaves alone “I win! Since theres no game left..IM Deadpool!”

        Some people survived (weapon x villains) but Wade was left scarred and he gets some surgeries… and is forever scarred and forced to wear a mask. And he becomes a hitman/mercenary/vigilante-ish and even an X-MEN (only for 10 days)

        What i hope happens (probably wont ever happen) is that they call the next movie “The Deadpool”

      2. James. This is the last time we are telling you this. THE MOVIE ISNT CANON WITH THE BOOKS.

        Already ages, roles and time frames are “wrong” which gives them license to fuck up Wade’s story. Rogue’s name was never revealed in the book until after the movie etc. Now there is no reason they cannot adapt this Weapon XI origin to NOT be Wade.

        There doesn’t have to be a “Workshop” in the movie, and there just might be. We never know how close to the book they are going to tread. All we know is that Weapon XI/Deadpool was FAR from anything Wade Wilson was. They already screwed up the origin of the name, so there is no reason to have him visit the workshop just to have him “earn” the name there.

        They can do anything they want with the character, I just hope what they do is cool and NOT have him evolve from Weapon XI unless they miscalculated on the healing factor they put in him and have it “reject” all the other powers.

        Or something.

      3. The workshop is to deadpool what UncleBens death was to Spiderman.

        So whats your plan? You want them to just reverse what happened before and make Wolverine: Origins an accident?

        So, you want him to just randomly start being deadpool? So- hes crazy for no reason? He just happens to have a disfigured body because of…. cancer?

        Weapon X never happens. He just needs to wear a mask to hide his true identity. and he still has cancer, because he never went to the workshop in the first place.


        The way this is shaping up to be… they should just get the Harry Potter people to make this movie

        Or as i like to call them… the National “Get a genius book and turn it into a SHIT movie” Organization

    2. Also, I hate it when they put my fave character Emma Frost way earlier as a prisoner/subject experiment and li’l sister to who? I know the movie isn’t canon to such book etc… but that completely destroy the character.

      1. No- youre actually right, i made a mistake.

        He doesnt kill everyone, but he DOES have a huge crazy bitch out outburst and dtarts going CRAZY and a lot of people die

        As soon as he finds out he cant win the bet because hes immortal he gets SO PISSED. But yeah people survive (mostly bad guys that worked for striker… of course)


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