Taylor Swift as Supergirl?

The week couldn’t start of better if we didn’t have a wild speculation into a casting of a film that is also a rumour.

Seems the intarwebz are all a buzz with talks of Taylor Swift as Supergirl.

Cinematical says:

Hollyscoop reports that country music star Taylor Swift is in talks to headline a planned Supergirl reboot at Warners. An unnamed insider states, “A number of young stars are being mentioned for the title role in a Supergirl movie and possible TV spin-off and Taylor is top of that list. She has all the right elements to be a positive role model

Ok, first thing. I like Taylor Swift, and she sure is a whole lot of pretty. I think she would make a staggering pinup poster of Supergirl, and if they do a poster of that… yes. I am in. She would look amazing.

But I just DESPISE it when they give lead roles to singers. Singers are not actors. Swift might look hot in that skimpy Supergirl outfit, but I would sooner an ACTOR be given the lead role.

But honestly, do we really think they are making a Supergirl movie? The first Supergirl adaptation came around as the result of the popular Superman franchise. Ok, it sucked hard, but it only happened because there was some Superman buzz.

WB can’t even get their shit together to make a new Superman film. However with the copyright bull they are going through with the Estate of the Superman Heirs, Supergirl (though inspirired by) is entirely a DC/WB product. There may be more luck getting this to happen than Big Blue.

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24 thoughts on “Taylor Swift as Supergirl?

  1. taylor swift does put alot of time and effort into her singing carrer and has become way popular, and also one of the few positive influences..so far.not into drugs,isnt slutty, doent promote any negativity at all! that in itself she has most actresess beat to be so privlaged for such a positive role. I wolud have to say she is perfect to play the supergirl character in a movie! her build,looks,popularity, and especially her attitude more than qualifys her for the role, and having her as supergirl would more than likely bring in more $ to the box office than superman or prolly any other super hero movie since spiderman.



    I am gonna chalk this up to the typical movie casting bullshit. I don’t even know why we all pay attention to this rumors. *me included*

    When you finally track the source down it’s always some unamed “insider”. Insider of what? Insider of the bullshit movie rumor round table.

    This just in! An insider has just reported the role for Sinestro in Green Lantern will be played by DEEZ!

    1. Laura Vandervoort doesn’t play Supergirl anymore.

      And they will never cast a Smallville actor as their counterpart in a feature film.

      Smallville is removed from Superman canon, and its actors will not cross over into the films.

  3. She was spectacular on SNL. That’s a far cry from carrying a big-budget action flick, but I DO think she can act and I wouldn’t at all be surprised if she could pull that off. Furthermore, I do think there have been numerous singers who have made the transition well. As shocking as it was to me, I actually was very impressed with Justin Timberlake’s performance in the one movie I ever saw him in (his first, Alpha Dogs).

  4. She has a cute face, but needs hips and bigger boobs. And that is just the look. We haven’t even begun to talk about acting ability.

  5. I was never much a Taylor Swift fan until I saw her on SNL. I hate to say this but the girl is really something special. She had me laughing my butt off with some of the stuff she did. Even before watching it I thought she was going to lay a stink bomb on National TV.

    I don’t wanna say she cant pull this off cause you really don’t understand anything about her if you say that. She is tenacious and fearless, she might do well.

    This will probably never get made anyhow so no big deal.

  6. What’s to reboot? One 1984 film that was already ignored by the Singer film? Now, on one hand, a “Supergirl” movie might make some sense (is it covered in the Superman law troubles?) and it might be a Hail Mary of sorts…but I don’t see it happening.

    If it does, it won’t be with Taylor Swift. Oh, she might be on the soundtrack, but come on now. Carrie Underwood is far hotter.


    Die rumor, die.

  7. I’m real happy for you Taylor and imma let you finish but Helen Slater was the best Supergirl of all time…OF ALL TIME.

    Yea I couldn’t resist.

  8. I dont see that happening at all. TS puts a hell of a lot of effort into her singing career and I dont see her walking away from it to make a movie when she is as popular as she is right now. But I agree that she sure is a hottie and would look amazing in that outfit!!!

  9. NO ONE will EVER play Supergirl. Because it will NEVER happen.

    WB and DC are a bunch of fucking idiots who cant stop sucking superman and batmans cock. they wont make other movies. supermans dick is too tasty for DC to hop off it.

    finally they got their shit together and made watchmen and green lantern, FINALLY.

    Marvel is SO lucky to have such unworthy and laughably pathetic oponents

      1. Dude, that’s just it for DC. Just Batman is good and they have a shitload of other good superheroes.

        Look at marvel, a decent enough Hulk movie, a FUCKING awesome Ironman movie. Captain America and The Avengers in development. Iron Man 2 movie is on its way. X-men: first class is in the talks.

        What the fuck is DC doing, whining over a Superman reboot, fantasizing about Taylor Swift and Beyonce Knowles being the super girl and Wonderwoman. Just a actor and director for Green Lantern. And there isn’t any talks about the next worthy batman flick.

        Fuck DC.

      2. I’m totally tired by how Superman is the only superhero that gets any treatment. They wasted 15 fucking years and came out with Returns. Some people liked it, and I respect that, but come on!! Flash? Green Arrow? Are Batman and Supes the ones around??? Marvel could have stopped after smashing fucking box-office records all over the fucking real world with Spider-Man, but they didn’t, they came up with fucking Hulk and Iron-man and they fucking are coming up with fucking more movies. DC heroes? “Execs at WB are in talks to develop a new Superman movie. They weren’t satisfied with….Returns….reboot….blah blah blah blah…”

      3. Yeah DC has dropped the ball in the major way when it comes to the films.

        Also, while certain parts of the Dark Knight were groundbreaking and brilliant, it was probably one of the most under criticized movies of the past decade. People seem to ignore the off timing, horrible editing and at points ridiculous plots elements.

      4. @Brendon, I agree with everything you said. I thought the editing for dark knight was atrocious. I also did not like the fight scenes or choreography, fight scenes were very frenetic and too dark.

        I am a much bigger fan of Batman Begins.

        I also hate that DC spends so much time on Superman and Batman, they are really cowardly at taking chances. It will be a real triumph walking into the theater to see Green Lantern when/if it ever happens.

        It is just time for DC to think beyond these two characters for once.

      5. to the person critisizing the dark knight, i couldn’t agree more. Plus they burn the asian accountant live which is super racist, how come the accountant is asian and how come they had to burn him ontop of the money. Only reason im salty is cause im an accountant and asian. But your right, the second time i saw it i came to realize how bad the pacing was.

      6. @chris: after killing scores of white & black characters in the movie (Joker goons, black gangster, the commissioner, the judge), you call the scene when Joker kill one asian accountant is racist? that’s ridicilous. Sometimes people can be too sensitive and overreacting on things.
        Just for the note, i’m asian

      7. Oh people, I’m also an asian and killing an asian accountant is not racist, not even close. A lot of American died, is that racist to Americans?
        Anyways, I gotta disagree with one thing, I had no problem watching The Dark Knight, I even liked it more than Batman Begins.

      8. Slushie Man
        I never said i didnt like TDK. I love the movie

        Im just fucking pissed they made 56 batman and superman movies

        How many Flash movies? okay.

        Whoever said DC has been dropping the ball (sorry im too lazy to re-read) i agree 100%

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