Jackass 3 will be in 3D

It was only a matter of time before the 3D Craze adpoted the old title trends like Jaws 3-D to bring out a third film, and make sure it was in 3D just for the play on words alone.

And the latest film to hop on that bandwagon? Jackass. Because clearly you needed to see that in 3D.

Cinema Blend did their homework:

Bam Margera, one of the more popular and successful members of the group, revealed to the Finish magazine Iltalehti in September that the next film is a go, and will begin shooting in January 2010 (he apparently confirmed this on his own radio station, but there is no source cited.) Even more interesting is the prospect that the movie may filmed in 3D. /Film did some research and uncovered that the domain “jackass3d.com” (curently inaccessible) is owned by Paramount Pictures, the distributor of the film.

I find the Jackass films to be offensive. Not in what they do, because any moron can take a baseball bat to your junk or stick a leech to your eye, or offer you a shotglass full of donkey semen.

I find it offensive that this pathetic display of personal abuse that is below even the mentality of surfing YouTube to find underage girls cam dancing in skimpy outfits. But that this qualifies as a “feature film” event gives me little hope for the future. This is the world my children get to live in. Sigh.

But I can also see how this cash cow needs to be milked and someone is going to get fat on the profits these films make. The production consists of little more than a camcorder and a group of people stupid enough to do stupid shit. Zinger. There’s your multimillion dollar franchise right there.

It costs next to nothing to make. Next to no brain cells to write. And promises big returns as the mindless masses line up to see a man street luge in a shopping cart.

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34 thoughts on “Jackass 3 will be in 3D

  1. Cant say that they are that dumb when making over 50 million on a 3-4 million dollar budget. The stuff in the movies is far out their i agree, but you know what kinda of movie they will bring, if you dont like it, then dont watch. But i love the crew and they do have really funny pranks.
    They are the pioneers of stupid you love em, or hate em.

    Rest In Peace Ryan Dunn.

  2. I believe that anyone who badmouths these guys for making a living the way they do is just jealous they have to have a day job and don’t get paid to screw around all day.

  3. As stupid as Jackass is, I still have humour and entertainment in it. I enjoyed watching the first two movies so i’m all down for a third one. Although I don’t see a point in having the movie in 3D other than to gain attention.

  4. I think they’re pretty proud to be doing what they’re doing.

    They’re living a dream life, have money, no regular jobs, get paid to make people laugh and have fun all day, and have huge fanbases. Besides, it takes balls to take the kind of abuse they do. They do stuff willingly that most of us would never dream of doing.

    And people as myself will gladly pay them to entertain us.

    Rodney, what is wrong with potty humor? Some of us find it hilarious. Just because you’re “above” it doesn’t make it stupid. It just means it’s not your cup of tea.

    Besides, if you’re *really* going to point fingers at “retards”, then I would blame the fans (even though I don’t feel we are retards). The Jackass crew is simply capitalizing on and taking advantage of a market that is CLEARLY out there. If no one laughed, Jackass would cease to exist. Obviously there’s a hunger and demand for movies such as these.

    1. ” Obviously there’s a hunger and demand for movies such as these.”

      Which just shows you how stupid our society has become. It those same peolpe who keep spoof films from dying off, and for films to put in stupidity like that of Transformers 2.

      “They’re living a dream life, have money, no regular jobs, get paid to make people laugh and have fun all day, and have huge fanbases.”

      Yeah, getting paid to act like a bunch of jackasses(pun intended). Great “dream life”(please note sarcasm).

      “what is wrong with potty humor?”

      Again, it shows how stupid and immature people are today.

  5. When the first one came out, I immediately knew there would be a second. When the second one came out, I thought they were pretty much done. I was kind of caught off guard with part “2.5”. I NEVER would have thought there would be a 3rd one though.

    I’m excited, because unlike so many self-righteous movie snobs who somehow feel the need to state how they’re so above these sort of films and how this sort of thing could only be enjoyed by society’s mental defectives, I like them and take them at face value with no delusions about what they are or are meant to be.

    These films consist of nothing more than just a bunch of random stupid shit done specifically for a cheap laugh. I say keep them coming because I’ll be right there for each and every one of them.

    1. So you admit that these “films” are nothing more than just a bunch of random stupid shit done specifically for a cheap laugh, yet you think that someone is a self righteous movie snob if they think they are above it?

      Sorry. You just proved my point.

      You don’t have to be a self righteous movie snob to be above potty humour. Especially when potty humour is above what these Jackass guys do.

      1. “You don’t have to be a self righteous snob to be above potty humor”

        No you don’t but that’s pretty much what’s being done here, when someone takes their time to write an entire blog entry, (or article whatever you want to call it) on a particular subject solely in order to decry it.

        Which i guess shouldn’t be that big of a surprise seeing as how 99% of the entries on this website are less about reporting the “news” in the film world, and more about the author whining and belly aching about how they dislike this and aren’t keen on that…it’s all about negativity all the time.

        Not to mention, how sorely lagging you all are when it comes to being up to date. with so few entries daily, and quite often quoting or linking to other sites, who are more in the loop and have fresh updates on a constant basis.

        I honestly don’t know why i even return here when all that ever happens is i get disappointed by the consistently poor quality of the site, it’s opinions, and absolute incapability of being impartial even for the slightest moment.

      2. “I honestly don’t know why i even return here when all that ever happens is i get disappointed by the consistently poor quality of the site,”

        Then DON’T come here anymore. Rodney is just stating his opinion on this subject. Other people are interested and thats why he reports it.

      3. And your attempt to attack my position is just you taking your time to write an entire reply to my entry on a particular subject solely in order to decry it.

        Hey kettle, have you met this guy pot?

        And perhaps you are new here, but this is ALWAYS how this site has been run. We find news and offer commentary. And you think that everything is negative? Then you clearly don’t read this site enough to even form an opinion. I’d be offended by your remarks if they were not completely inaccurate.

        The site is updated every day with plenty of content. And we are proud of what we do here.

  6. I’m with the many commenters who completely disagree on your take on the Jackass movies. I am curious to know if you have ever watched the TV show. The greatest skits on the show are the reactions of people. Sometimes they truly shock more than the disgusting acts done by the shows’ stars. I also forget which review said it, but watching these people doing ridiculous, over-the-top stunts that most people would think “who in their right mind would do those things”, is kind of like them finding their own fountain of youth. By doing these stunts, it is almost like them being able to remain young forever. While they might gross each other (and the audience) out as times, these people enjoy what they are doing, and much like a freak show at the carnival, it not only is fun to watch what they will do next, but also to watch the people who watch the freaks.

  7. ” are they REALLY stupid?? Really??”

    Takes a baseball bat to the nuts, sticks a leech to their eye, and drinks donkey semen….enough said.

    Its amazing how everyone I know that laughs at these films are the same people who think spoof films are hilarious.

    1. Yeah, and they get paid HUGE to do it. Not a bad life.

      BTW, I laugh at Jackass movies and I don’t think the Epic/Date/Disaster spoof movies are funny at all.

      1. LOL, getting paid huge amount of money to act like a bunch of retards. Your right, thats not stupid, thats just sad. And the fact that people find this entertaining is just proof of how dumbed down our society is.

    2. Don’t get me wrong. If someone said they would give me a couple million to hang out with some retards and punch each other’s junk for a week, I would do it.

      But I still woudln’t be proud of it.

      The movie is retarded, and the show is retarded. People like to laugh at retards. I didn’t say they were retarded for banking on retards.

  8. Rodney – are they REALLY stupid?? Really??

    What I see are a bunch of guys being paid megabucks to screw around all day and have fun. How is that stupid? I’d do it too if I was offered the chance. They seem pretty smart to me…they entertain people, don’t have regular jobs, and get paid tons of money.

  9. To qoute Delroy Lindo in Get Shorty “I’ve seen better film on teeth” so to call it a film is highly over-exagerating a bit. that said ,I’ve laughed my ass off a couple of times with the 1st two. and 3-D is scary with this thinking of some of the real tasteless skits theve done .BUT yeah Rodney this is pretty low-brow and low-life thats being glamorized in the wrong way….but a guilty laugh none the less……

    not that they need to burn more brain cells with this stuff.

  10. Some of the skits are rather clever. The one that springs to mind is when Brad Pitt is standing outside the movie theatre that was showing one of his movies, when suddenly a van pulls up and a masked gang jump out and drag him away, leaving the filmgoers who were queuing up outside wondering if what they had just seen had actually happened…

    HOWEVER, I fail to see how anyone can find the sight of naked men running around a forest shooting each other in the groin with paintballs to be imaginative.

    But, each to their own, I guess. Sometimes it’s not easy being a Spalding Grey in a Rick Dees world…. ;-)

  11. I’m all for a 3rd Jackass “movie” why is it a movie? Because it’s in a movie theater? It’s an extended episode we pay to see on the big screen, but it is not a movie… there is no structured story!

    Anyway – 3D?? Oh lord, this is gimmick in its highest form! I don’t need to see any of their stunts or puke in 3D and I don’t want to see Bam’s junk inches from my face.

    I enjoy Jackass because I like laughing at their stupid antics, which often cause injury. They aren’t hurting anyone, but themselves, so I’ll kill a few brain cells while watching.

    1. It’s not a movie because there’s no structured story? Is An Inconenient Truth not a movie then? What about Koyaanisqatsi? Fog of War? Fantasia? The Aristocrats?

      Jackass is a documentary following a bunch of crazy dudes doing a bunch of stupid things. It most certainly is a movie.

  12. As a fan of the movies, I can say it’s not just the stunts that we like to see. We are a fan of the personalities on-screen. We like seeing these people interact and have fun.

    It’s like a fantasy – we wish we were them and got paid to go and have fun all day. We wish we could hang out with them. Etc.

    I can’t wait for the third movie.

    1. above poster said: “It’s like a fantasy – we wish we were them and got paid to go and have fun all day. We wish we could hang out with them. Etc.”

      My reaction:

  13. I can understand the 3D gimmick SOMETIMES, but seriously? This is a new level of ridiculous.

    I wish I had a stamp labeled “RIDICULOUS” that I could apply to this film’s screenplay… well, there probably isn’t one, but whatever this film’s equivalent to that is

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