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I was watching Gossip Girl last week (shuddap!) and Hilary Duff is now a cast regular as a movie star hoping to get a real college experience. Well that isn’t what I want to talk about but it reminded me when I saw this poster. Duff’s character was established in the show as a notable movie star headlining a popular franchise called Endless Knights where she plays a vampire Lady Guinevere.

Anyways, I thought the idea would really make for a good variation of the legend, and then reality snuck up on me and gave me this:

Sherwood Horror is an updated twist on the Robin Hood story, but Robin is fighting a vampire Nottingham.

Dread Central shares:

Rob Locksley (DJ Perry), an ex-con, returns home after a six year absence to find his town under the rule of vampires. He must join forces with his old roughneck hunting buddies to wage war against the evil Sheriff and his horde of blood-sucking minions.

Taymour Ghazi is now in talks for a role as one of Locksley’s merry men. Ghazi will play Tiny (aka Little John) a tavern bouncer and hunter who harbors a personal grudge against Locksley, but becomes one of his strongest allies in their battle against the undead, using his brute force and his stake-sharpened quarterstaff as weapons.

So now I am thinking this will either be just so utterly rediculous that it will suck, or it will pave the way for Art to imitate life in other Art and Hilary Duff could really star in the Endless Knights movies!

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10 thoughts on “Sherwood Horror Poster Online

  1. why cant people be original no more vampires…come on we had buffy and now freakin twilight…and do not get me started on all the vamp shows on tv right now

    ps. gossip girl rules

  2. LOL, I’m thinking pretty much what you said Rodney. This can either really suck big time and just be cheesy as hell. Or it could be very action oriented and comic book like, with cool and dramatic characters, which would be really freakin’ cool.

    I’ll keep my eye on it and hope for the best.

  3. wowwowo, Gossip Girl is pretty solid. Chuck Bass is one mean son of a bitch. That guy who is playing him could get a career as movie villians.

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