Season of the Witch Teaser Trailer Online

Nic Cage has always been hit or miss by me. Sometimes he is utterly a delight to watch, and others he is painful. So each time I hear of another Cage film coming out, I hold my breath and hope.

The teaser trailer for Season of the Witch is online, and it is what it is. A teaser. There is enough there to make me want to know more, but not enough to let me gauge any level of anticipation.

While every other site was too busy riffing on his hair peice, I was watching the trailer. The movie looks like it might be interesting, but I haven’t seen enough to tell.


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18 thoughts on “Season of the Witch Teaser Trailer Online

  1. Leaving Las Vegas, Adapatation, Matchstick Men,8mm (not as good but still not bad) and lord of war should get him some credit.. worst actor in history is just a slight overstatement. Not to mention a couple of classic pop corn action flicks Con Air and The rock surley takes him above anyone in a Amercian Pie movie! Hit or Miss is defo the right call.

  2. “The head…cut of the head”…CUT!!! CUT!!! DAMMIT CUT!!!! Cage can you just deliver one line with a little conviction!!!??? This is why you are the WORST “actor” in the history of the Cinema!

    1. That’s bogus. Biggest over-exaggeration I’ve read in months, I assure you. Films like Family Man and Adaptation prove that Cage is an excellent actor when he wants to be.

      There are so many bad actors out there. Cage is not one of them.

      1. Then again, only a handful of good performances in a career that spans two decades is not enough for me to call him a good actor.

        But there are definitely far worse.

  3. Its interesting you chose to describe Nick Cage that way “Hit or Miss” because I feel exactly the same way. Some of his movies I am just like wow! Then there are those other movies that leave me with nothing but contempt!

    Lets prey that this is one of those wow moments.

    1. It has a 8 year old girl cutting off guys legs, stabbing their penis, a guy gets microwaved and explodes, and the little girl gets shot by Nick Cage (her dad) to better herself as a vigilante.

      Oh and “McLovin” is in it.

      Ive got the script, its very fucking good.

      I still havent read the comic books though, i definitely will

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