Tolken Estate and New Line End Litigation – Bring on the Hobbit!

Seems the son of the legendary author J.R.R. Tolkien was unhappy with his cut of the profits from the Lord of the Rings trilogy and as representation of the Tolkien Trust, a lawsuit was born.

Speculation feared that such litigation would result in delays in the Hobbit Prequels already in the works. Fortunately an agreement was made, and a new fellowship was formed. The Hobbit will not be delayed.

CinemaBlend offers:

The Tolkien Trust was battling it out with New Line Cinema in court for failing to pay 7.5 percent of the gross receipts from the Lord of the Rings films. The parties have since settled their differences and now the project it lawsuit-free.

Well the details of the settlement were not revealed, but I am sure they involved backing up a mammoth covered in money to the Tolkien Trust’s front step.

At least we know that there will not be any delays or court injunctions threatening this film now, and plans can move forward as intended.

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5 thoughts on “Tolken Estate and New Line End Litigation – Bring on the Hobbit!

  1. I was wondering…

    There was this lady that was trying to get this movie released before her cancer got her- and she was getting a bunch of signatures to get this movie going

    Did she…make it?

    Every time i hear Hobbit news i keep thinking of her =[

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