Inglourious Basterds 2nd Biggest August Opening Day

Although I may not have liked “Inglourious Basterds” much, I was looking forward to it an awful lot. Apparently so were a LOT of other people. According to Variety Magazine, Inglourious Basterds pulled in an opening day of $14.3 million at the box office.

Now you may think that doesn’t sound like a LOT… but it really is.

Basterds just beat out District 9 for the second highest opening day box office results for an “R” rated movie (American Pie 2 still holds the record).

This is also the second highest opening for any Weinstein Co. production… a company that REALLY needed a profitable movie right about now.

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24 thoughts on “Inglourious Basterds 2nd Biggest August Opening Day

  1. I’ve grown weary of Tarantino’s self-conscious style of filmmaking. It’s almost as if the characters are elbowing you and saying “Eh? We’re clever, aren’t we? Eh?”.

    I think his self-indulgence is really getting out of control.

    Ingourious Basterds is the best movie of the Summer, but at this point in the year that’s like saying you’re the least disfigured leper in the colony.

  2. what also interesting about this movie was the character (forgot his name) the war hero of Germany like a Sargent York of America. When he was in the bell tower and with a knife he carves out a swastika and Hitler and the SS goes nuts in the theater.

  3. I saw the movie Saturday and I thought the movie very good. The best movie I seen this summer and I think its a classic. In fact after the movie was over everybody in the theater clap. I give it 5 stars and perfect 10

  4. People love to hate QT. Like Rats and Jews, you don’t know why you hate him but the site of him or his movies makes people sick. Truth is, all 6 of his movies are better than 90% of everything that is released. His passion for cinema comes through in his work. Like him or not, if there were more filmmakers like QT making movies we would all be better off.

  5. Inglourious Basterds was awesome. I loved it! Most people here won’t like it though. It’s a bait-and-switch. It’s not an action movie, it’s a foreign language thriller.

  6. To those who have not seen Inglorious Basterds…This IS THE MUST SEE FILM of the Summer.

    This film is very original. It has a linear structure, with very little flash backs. Expect a lot of dialogue, in its majority in French, or German…but the dialogue is sharp, mixing humor with suspense(Specially when the bad guy, Hans Landa is present). Action…There is action and there is violence…not as much as District 9, but do expect guns blazing and gruesome scalping of Nazi heads. If you’re Jewish…expect movie magic at the cliimax of the film.

    Austrian actor Christoph Waltz steals the show as Hans Landa, The bad guy, who is one memorable Nazi. Rather than a sadistic Aemon Goethe, Hans Landa is like an evil Sherlock Holmes crossed with the sort of slithering corporate excecutive who comes off as funny and simpathetic, as he finds ways to downsize employees. Hans Landa is one of the best villains in film history, along with Vader, Hannibal Lecter and Heath Ledger’s Joker.

    Also you will see the funniest performance ever by Brad Pitt. This guy should do action and comedy rather than chick filcks. His performance here easily trumps his Benjamin Button(for which he was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Actor). Aldo Reine and his Basterds, will have you cheering against the Nazis all the way.

    Pitt and Waltz deserve Oscar nods for best actor and best supporting actor.

    Watch out for Mariel Laurent as Shoshanna, a Jewish girl who survives death at the hands of Hans Landa, goes to Paris and inherits a movie theater, where she plots a brutal and well deserved vengeance on the Nazi Party.

    Diane Kruger, the chick from Troy and the National Trasure movies, shows up playing a German film actress who is also a spy for the Allies. Here she speaks in her native language, allowing her to appear very confortable in her character.

    Inglorious Basterds is an awsome mix of Historical Fiction and black comedy at its finest.
    This is the best film of the Summer and Quentin Tarantino’s best since Pulp Fiction.

  7. Still have yet to see IB going to hopefully catch a matinee showing Monday.

    As for Tarantino being overrated I have to be one of the ones to totally disagree with this statement. The man has made some of the greatest movies of all time I mean come on:

    Kill Bill 1 and 2 two movies that I can’t fucking wait for both to be released as the “Whole Bloody Affair” on Blu-Ray.

    Pulp Fiction and Resevior Dogs= Classic fucking movies

    Jackie Brown, which believe it or not I feel is his weakest film although the opening credits are fucking bad ass.

    Then there was Death Proof a movie which at first I really didn’t like at all but after watching it a few times it grew on me and I really enjoy it now I think because I gave it another chance and really enjoyed the dialogue and of course the car chase at the end and the ending it self was classic.

    As for Inglorious Basterds I think it’s going to be at the very least when it comes to Tarantino for me anyway and that’s another unique enjoyable movie. I mean come on it’s Tarantino doing World War 2!!!!!!

    1. Justin, I bet you will love and IB…From your statements it seems you will appreciate anything Tarantino will make in the future.
      You seem to me, a blind follower of QT.

  8. I like everything tarantino has done besides “DEATH PROOF” and that movie was just his weekest, it wasn’t terrible but it wasn’t great either. These are just my opinions, I saw Inglorious Basterds today and loved it, I have never seen a movie that kept me on the edge of my seat in a long time, my heart was always pumping with tense excitment. I wacthed johns review on it and I could of cared less but I usually don’t agree with him. All in all I loved Inglorious Basterds.

  9. I can’t believe all of you think that he’s overrated. I genuinely liked this film and thought that as a going-to-the-movies experience, it kicked ass. Tarantino knows his fan base- he’s not going to go out on a limb and create something new and different than his other films because it wouldn’t be as good. He knows what he’s good at. That’s all.

    1. Well Rachel that makes him a one dimentional director who is too scared of exploring other options as he’s too scared of failure.

      I liked Reservoir dogs, BUT Pulp fiction{not my cup of tea} and Kill Bill{I can only laugh at its stupidity and pointless bloodbath}.
      Haven’t seen IB yet but i’m not interested.

      But Tarantino gave a list of 20 films recently that he likes and there are a few good ones there, like BR, Matrix and Unbreakable.

    1. Small few? The film has the majority of critics and fans talking about Oscar nods, and Rotten Tomatoes has it at a fresh 86%. You are not alone in liking the film, trust me.

  10. I gotta say, Basterds wasn’t the movie I was expecting to see but I still really enjoyed it and although I was expecting it to drag I can honestly say for me it didn’t.

  11. You know Pulp Fiction is like scripture to me…but I can’t say much for any of his other films, I am going to re-watch the Kill Bill’s and I haven’t seen IB yet but I think I might like it (I’m hoping) simply because I just took a really intense college course on Nazi Germany

    1. although Tarantino perhaps is overated it does not negate the fact that this movie, this film was pretty darn good. in the face of the crap that seems to fit in these days for a movie the bastards where well worth watching. in an cinematic enviroment that has me walking out of most of my recent movie ventures this film although a bit slow was great. i would suggest maybe just waiting for video the eye candy wasnt previlant enough for me.

  12. I just think Tarantino’s gotten awfully self-indulgent and self-referential after the masterpiece that was Jackie Brown.

    Can’t he just make a movie that speaks for itself again? Maybe it takes directing someone else’s material for a change to do that..

  13. I just dont know why, but I feel Tarantino gets more support than any other director.

    Is it a rule that every film he does should be rated above 8 on the IMDb???

    His films aren’t that great, not all I mean!

    What do you say John?

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